YouTuber KSI apologises for using transphobic slurs saying 'I didn't know it was a bad word'

YOUTUBER KSI has apologised for using transphobic slurs, saying that he "didn't know it was a bad word."

The internet personality, real name Olajide Olatunji, responded to criticism online after he used the "t" word and misgendered a trans woman.

KSI initially tweeted: “Hold up, people actually think I’m transphobic?”

A fan then pointed out a video made with his YouTube group The Sidemen, in which he misgendered a trans woman.

They also said he had previously used the derogatory "t" word -which he had allegedly “never apologised” for.

In response, KSI wrote: “Didn’t even mean to misgender lol.

"Just said that the person had a better beard than me, that’s all.

"And I honestly didn’t even know that t****y was a bad word. What’s the correct term to use?”

A follower then told the YouTuber to use the term “transgender” – which he then thanked him for.

Tweeting his apology, KSI said: “My bad for saying transgender slurs.

"Honestly didn’t even know they were slurs. I know now though.”

The YouTuber later encouraged his followers to embrace "positivity".


He wrote: "2021, positive vibes only. Need to stop with the hate man. On all sides. Including people who support me.

"Life’s too short to be angry and hateful towards other people. Only way we advance is with positivity."

But users online have slammed his apology – with one person writing: "'my bad' counts as an apology to you? f****** hell."

KSI has a following of more than 12 million on YouTube, and is also known for his music career.

But this is not the first time he has been in hot water.

In 2012 he was embroiled in controversy after a Eurogamer event due to supposed sexual harassment of attendees.

Microsoft cut ties with him and he was banned for life from the expo.

He addressed the controversy in his 2015 autobiography, entitled KSI: I Am A B*****d.

Earlier this month, pop star Jess Glynne came under fire for using a transphobic slur on Mo Gilligan's podcast.

The Hold My Hand singer, who has featured on seven UK number one singles, told Mo she had visited a "t****y strip club" where "men wore wigs" as the comedian laughed along to her story.

The recording has since been removed from Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

But it is doing the rounds on Twitter – with people accusing Jess, 31, of causing offence and being "ignorant" for using the 't' word.

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