Who was Anthony Sowell and how did he die?

CLEVELAND serial killer Anthony Sowell has died in prison, officials said.

The 61-year-old had been on death row at Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Ohio since 2011.

Who was Anthony Sowell?

Anthony Sowell – who served as a Marine at the age of 19 – was convicted in 2011 for aggravated murder, rape, kidnapping, corpse abuse and evidence tampering.

Sowell began luring victims to his home in 2007, prosecutors said.

Two years later, police launched an investigation after a woman said she had been raped at his home.

Prosecutors then found two other bodies and a newly dug grave at the property.

He had just served a 15-year sentence for rape when officers found the bodies in his home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sowell was designated a "sexually violent predator" by the criminal justice system in Ohio, The New York Times reports.

Sowell was sentenced to death at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution, but continued to appeal until last May.

However, his appeal was denied.

How many people did Anthony Sowell kill?

Anthony Sowell killed 11 women between 2007 and 2009.

Their remains were found by police at Sowell’s home in Cleveland's East Side.

East Cleveland police are also reopening several cold cases from the late 1980s.

Officers are investigating whether Sowell may be linked to unsolved cases in cities where he once lived.

Who were Anthony Sowell's victims?

Sowell's victims included Tonia Carmichael, Nancy Cobbs, Tishana Culver, Crystal Dozier, Telacia Fortson, Amelda Hunter, Leshanda Long, Michelle Mason, Kim Yvette Smith, Diane Turner and Janice Webb.

He was also convicted of attacking three other women who survived.

How did Anthony Sowell die?

The serial killer died of a terminal illness in prison on Monday, February 8, officials said.

On January 21, Sowell was admitted to the end-of-life care unit at a medical treatment prison in Columbus, a corrections department spokeswoman said.

He was pronounced dead at 3.27pm on February 8 after a disease unrelated to Covid-19, spokeswoman JoEllen Smith added.

After receiving news of Sowell's death, the victims' families were relieved.

Joann Moore, whose sister Janice Webb was killed by Sowell, said: "We can go on because he’s dead. We don’t have to hear about him any more."

Donnita Carmichael, daughter of victim Tonia Carmichael, added: "I am glad he is dead. God made it happen. I will never ever ever forgive him."

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