Who is Max Fosh and why is he running to be Mayor of London?

INDEPENDENT London mayoral candidate Max Fosh is a fresh face in the world of local politics – but admits he "doesn't have the expertise".

Mr Fosh, 25, says he doesn't expect to win the forthcoming May 6 elections in London and topple current mayor Sadiq Khan. So why is he running?

Who is Max Fosh?

Max Fosh is a London born ex-public schoolboy who attended the Harrow School.

Now a YouTuber who has a following of 375,000 subscribers has announced he is running for Mayor.

It comes just months after he printed his CV on top of a car to try to get a job at the BBC, according to the Daily Mail.

After posting the stunt on Twitter, many praised his "initiative".

But some accused the former student for using his "privilege" to try and get his dream job quickly.

Why is Max Fosh running to be Mayor of London?

Fosh freely admits he wouldn't make a good mayor and doesn't expect to win.

He told the BBC: "I don't think I would be a good mayor at all. I don't think I have the expertise or the political knowledge to become London mayor."

His aim though is to beat Laurence Fox.

Announcing his own plan to stand in the May 6 election, Mr Fosh said: "London is my home. It’s a great city. It’s full of wonders.

"David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot for that matter. 

"But why? Why do I want to run for Mayor of London. Well, historically there’s always a posh bloke on the ballot so I thought I’d fulfil that quota. 

"But on this occasion I’m not alone. A chum who went to the same school as me, albeit not at the same time, Laurence Fox, is also running to be London Mayor as part of his new political party, the Reclaim Party."

What is Max Fosh's manifesto?

In a video released on March 12, 2021, Mr Fosh launched his campaign to become the next Mayor of London.

In the video Mr Fosh said: "I would like to officially add my name to the ballot list for the next London Mayor – just to get more votes than Lawrence Fox."

"Who do you think would win? A political party with £5million of backing or one YouTubey boy with a few hundred thousand subscribers."

He said: "I also want to increase the voter turnout from the younger demographic between 18-25. In the UK, we are lagging behind in terms of young people voting in comparison to our neighbours on the continent.

"If I was elected London mayor, which I know I'm not going to, I would listen to all of the scientists and people from industry to try and get us the best solution to get us out of Covid-19.

"I understand that I have absolutely no chance of winning."

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