What time is Boris Johnson's speech?

BORIS Johnson will address the nation tonight as the British battle against killer Covid-19 continues. 

The PM will hold a press conference in Downing Street tonight and will be flanked by top scientists. 

What time is Boris Johnson's speech? 

The PM will address the nation at 5pm today.

However, previous press conferences have started a little later should Boris be bound up with governmental business. 

What will Prime Minister announce? 

Johnson will hail huge game-changing news that the Oxford vaccine can stop transmission of Covid by up to two-thirds.

scientists have revealed Britain's jabs rollout could have already begun to stop the virus from spreading.

They found there was a 67 per cent drop in positive swabs among those already vaccinated. 

It means those given the jab are not only less likely to get severe disease or die, but also have some protection against catching the virus and passing it on to others.

Welcoming the news the Oxford jab may slash the spread of the virus, a senior Tory minister told The Sun: "This is the news we have all been waiting for.

"At last. If this data is correct today will be seen as the turning point in this whole pandemic."

The PM is also expected to pay tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died aged 100 last night after suffering from pneumonia and then catching Covid.

How can I watch Boris Johnson's speech?

You can watch the press conference live at 5pm on the Sun Online. 

Other Government medical advisers will likely be accompanied by

But it is as yet unknown who will join him.

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