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PASSOVER will be celebrated by Jewish people across the globe in one of their most important histories.

Pesach – as it is known in Hebrew – allows the Judaism faithful to recount their history back to Ancient Egypt days when Israelites had divine intervention to end their slavery.

What time does Passover start tonight?

Passover lasts eight days with various celebrations and special meals taking place, with the holiday beginning on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan.

This year, it starts on Wednesday, April 8 at sunset – which is at 7.46pm in the UK.

In New York, that will be at 7.29pm ET, and in Los Angeles 7.20pm PT.

Meanwhile, in Israel, Passover will begin at 7.06pm.

What does Passover commemorate?

This sacred holiday is a celebration of the Israelites' liberation from slavery during Ancient Egyptian times.

It recounts when God inflicted the ten plagues on the Egyptians, including the final one of the deaths of the first-born.

To prevent the plague from affecting the slaves, they are told to paint their doorposts in sheep's blood so the Lord would 'pass over' and not attack them.

Following this, the prophet Moses guided the Israelites away where he parts the Red Sea for them to walk across.

Is there a second Passover in 2020?

Every year, there is a second and smaller Passover celebrated by Jews, which is normally for those that missed the first one.

In 2020, that will be from May 7 to May 8.

What foods are eaten?

Food and drink play a huge part in the celebrations, with many families set to enjoy a dinner known as Sedar on the first evening – which normally includes a wide spread of food with the best cutlery and china.

Among the foods eaten during the holiday are:

  • Matzo (flatbread)
  • Fish
  • Roasted chicken
  • Brisket
  • Potato Kugel (similar to casserole)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Egg drop soup

Meanwhile, wine is another important part of the celebrations with at least four glasses to be consumed during the Passover.

There are four themes connected with each glass including:

  1. Salvation from harsh labour
  2. Geographically leaving Egypt
  3. Moses' parting of the seas
  4. Becoming their own nation

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