UK weather forecast – Heavy rain to lash parts of UK for next four days with 178 flood alerts still in force – The Sun

RAIN is due to hammer down on the UK for the next four days as the Met office puts out 178 flood warnings and alerts incoming.

This will be the fifth weekend in a row of horrific weather, following three named storms last month giving 2020 the wettest February on record.

The first weekend of spring will be no better and still has winter stamped all over it, bringing gales, rain and plunging temperatures throughout the country.

The South and the capital will be hardest hit with the bulk of flood warnings looming over the home counties and eastern Wales.

This week started well and gave us Brits hope, with the arrival of some pleasant conditions, sunshine and dry periods replacing the relentless wind and rain at last.

Stormy conditions and weeks of relentless weather caused a massive landslide on Dorsets Jurassic Coast where boulders the size of cars were left strewn across the beach today.

Friday sees a frosty start after an utterly miserable Thursday. Things will remain fairly quiet before cloud moves into the west toward Saturday.

But Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir warned: "On Saturday it’s all change."

We are in for a turbulent weekend of intermittent heavy and prolonged rain all over the west, with sunny spells and showers in between through to Monday.

Ms Nasir said: “The air turns a bit milder, the winds pick up some strength and we could see gales for a time.

“On Sunday, outbreaks of rain will sweep across the country towards the south east, with blustery showers to follow and turning colder as the wind changes direction on Sunday.

“So, another blustery day and also the chance of those showers.”

The biggest sporting event of the weekend is the Six Nations clash between France and Scotland on Sunday afternoon.

Supporters would do well to wrap up warm for Murrayfield, where sunshine and showers are expected with a maximum temperature of 8C (46F)

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