UK weather forecast – Frost for Britain as rain to sweep in after Storm Alex brought wettest day EVER

THE UK is set for frosty mornings over the weekend after Storm Alex brought the wettest day ever.

Brits are feeling the cold as temperatures drop and things become more wintry.

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Britain was blasted with sub-zero temperatures this week with fierce winds bringing a -2C Arctic blast.

The Met Office has also warned of rain and frost over the coming week due to "nagging" winds, with tonight seeing "clearer skies further west allowing frost and a few fog patches to form in some places".

Aidan McGivern, Met Office Meteorologist, said: “Significant changes in the weather are on the way from Monday."

There are three flood alerts in place, at River Evenlode, River Rayand the Tidal Thames riverside from Putney Bridge to Teddington Weir.

It comes after Storm Alex brought enough rain to fill the Loch Ness, new figures revealed.

Data from the national weather service show Saturday October 3, the day after the storm, was the wettest day since records began in 1891.

Rainfall was widespread, with an average of 31.7mm falling across the whole of the UK.

And the downpours beat the previous record of 29.8mm on August 25 1986, the Met Office confirmed.


Mark McCarthy, head of the Met Office National Climate Information Centre, said: "In climate statistics, 2019 will be remembered for possessing the UK's hottest day, whereas 2020 will be associated with rainfall records."

He said the volume of rain that fell across the UK was more than the capacity of Loch Ness, the largest lake in the country by volume, holding 7.4 cubic kilometres of water.

Mr McCarthy added: "It is exceptional to have 30 to 50mm or more of rain falling so extensively across the UK – from the south coast of England to the north coast of Scotland – in a single day."

Scientists have warned that climate change is increasing the risk of more extreme weather, such as more intense heavy downpours.

The Met Office said the start of October has been very wet, with the UK overall already having 68% of its average rainfall for the month.

More than 20 counties across the country have already received at least 100% of the rain they would expect on average for October, including Buckinghamshire with 139% of the month's rainfall, Berkshire with 138% and Hertfordshire with 132%.

“A few showers around yes but also plenty of bright days and chilly nights heading into the weekend," he added.

Showers will continue to hit eastern parts of Britain this evening, while clear spells will bring a touch of frost to western areas.

Friday will see some showers in the north east, while the rest of the country will bask in sunny spells.

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