Twitter reacts to Christmas chaos as Wales and Scotland change rules

‘Emperor Drakeford strikes again!’ Twitter reacts to Christmas bubbles chaos as Wales slashes limit to two households and Nicola Sturgeon warns Scots not to stay overnight

  • The PM said decision to allow festive easing of restrictions was ‘unanimous’
  • But Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford then said only two bubbles could meet
  • Nicola Sturgeon went one further and said Scots’ bubbles should be avoided 
  • News led to outpouring of posts on social media as people reacted with humour

The tightening of Christmas restrictions in Scotland and Wales has led to social media users crying ‘Scrooge’ while others tried to digest the situation with humour. 

After crisis talks between the leaders of all four nations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the easing of restrictions over Christmas would go ahead. 

He said the decision was ‘unanimous’, but within minutes Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford issued different advice. Followed quickly by Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon. 

Mark Drakeford instead said only two households should ‘bubble’ together between December 23 and 27 – as opposed to three in England – and Sturgeon pleaded with Scots who have not already organised bubbles to avoid them all together. 

The Scottish minister also added that gatherings should only happen on one day and people should not stay overnight unless ‘unavoidable’.

The conflicting announcements sparked Christmas chaos and was met with humour online.

Social media users compared the leaders to figures including James Bond, Darth Vader and Kim Jong-un in a bid to make light of the situation. 

‘The name’s Drakeford, Mark Drakeford,’ read one post as it joked he had a ‘licence to lock down’ like the classic line from Ian Fleming’s famous spy Jame’s Bond.

Another posted a picture of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story series and captioned the image: ‘There seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere.’ 

Comparisons were drawn between Mark Drakeford and Emperor Darth Vader in Star Wars

This social media user compared Wales’ Mark Drakeford to James Bond in a gag about lockdown

Buzz Lightyear was another character that was used to poke fun at the situation following the annoucement

This Twitter user also poked fun at Mark Drakeford with a cheeky poke at his lockdown ‘punishment’ 

This person speculated that the changes to the Christmas rules would allow people to avoid their in-laws

Another Twitter user also posted a clip of Gordon Ramsey spouting hhis trademarked foul language in reaction to the restrictions announced by Nicola Sturgeon

Some joked that the Scottish and Welsh ministers’ actions made ‘Boris look tame in comparison’

‘Guidelines instead of actual rules’ is what this person compared the annoucement to, using a scene from the Pirates of the Carribean film

Another Twitter user said the lockdown would benefit online shopping services like Amazon

‘Wales in lockdown again!’ is how this individual heralded the news, before comparing the Welsh First Minister to a dictator

Wales bore the brunt of the humorous jibes after the changes to the rules made today

Others poked fun at Boris Johnson and said he should copy the other’s lead but ‘make it more Boris’

Jokes were also made about London heading into Tier 3 as further restrictions were announced today ahead of Christmas for parts of the UK

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