Thieves take Giles Coren's £65,000 car for second time in three months

‘They’ve stolen my f***ing car AGAIN!’: Giles Coren explodes with rage after thieves take his £65,000 eco-Jaguar for second time in three months – and offers ‘a million pounds’ for its return

  • Food critic’s Jaguar I-Pace was pinched outside his north London home in April 
  • The writer posted a Twitter thread detailing his route to the vehicle in Highgate
  • Just three months later, however, his beloved car has once again been stolen  

Giles Coren exploded with rage on social media this morning as he revealed thieves pinched his £65,000 eco-Jaguar for the second time in just three months.

The TV presenter, 51, turned detective back in April after his beloved car was stolen but police told him they didn’t have the ‘manpower to investigate’.

In an incredible thread, he posted pictures of his journey in tracking down the Jaguar I-Pace, which he eventually found in Highgate, north London, telling followers he ‘got his electric kitty cat back’.

However, just weeks later, he has suffered the same fate, despite following instructions from the manufacturer and paying out £3,000 for a new tracking system.

In a furious tweet, Mr Coren wrote: ‘They’ve stolen my f***ing car AGAIN!!!! Cost me three grand to reset the keys and put in a new tracking system after last time and what good does it do? F*** ALL. 

‘If you see a black Jaguar ipace reg ending JVN could you tell me? I’ll give you a million pounds.’

Giles Coren (pictured above) has had his beloved Jaguar I-Pace stolen for the second time in three months

The food critic told MailOnline he was trying to arrange a hire car so he and his family can get around. 

‘It was nicked from outside my house again,’ he said. 

‘This time I had the keys in lead boxes and everything as I was supposed to make it impossible to steal the signal.

‘Then I woke up this morning and saw the tracking company had texted to say it had been nicked. 

‘Apparently police followed the signal to a location given them by the tracker but there was no car. So case closed.

‘There’s so little point in these trackers. Last time it was nicked they just tore it out and when I found it I had to pay £3K for a new one – and new keys – because you can’t have the car without the built in tracker.

‘But it literally does nothing to inconvenience the thieves or make the car easier to retrieve.

‘It’s a massive pain in the a***.’

The Metropolitan Police has been approached for more information on the theft.

Jaguar Land Rover has also been approached for comment on its tracking system.  

Mr Coren with his vehicle after tracking it down in April. Upon its discovery, he said the thieves had ‘slung the seat back’ into the ‘gangster position’, adding: ‘I guess [they] just had a hell of a ride’

The TV presenter tweeted that he ‘got his electric kitty cat back’ after the Met Police texted him its location but didn’t have the ‘manpower to investigate’

It comes just three months after Mr Coren documented his hunt for the car, which had its tracker disabled within three minutes of it being stolen on an evening in April.  

While setting out to locate it, the journalist posted: ‘I suppose I’m rather hoping the crims [criminals] themselves are not still in the vehicle…?’ 

The battery-electric crossover SUV had been left on the street for two days with ‘no suspects present’ and all officers on duty in the area at the time were ‘assigned to ongoing incidents so unable to attend’, said the Met Police.

The food critic began: ‘Last night the c***s stole my new Jaguar I-Pace. So F*** them, f*** the environment and f*** any sort of giving a shit about cars. 

‘I’m buying a six year old diesel f***ing Skoda and everyone can just f*** off.’

He then shared a screenshot of his Jaguar tracker app which had notified him of a theft alert, captioning: ‘This is the really useful Jaguar tracker app that tells you where your car is in all circumstances EXCEPT WHEN IT HAS BEEN STOLEN.’

However, in a turn of events, he later wrote: ‘Well now this is exciting. Had an SMS from the Met saying that my car has been spotted and giving me the address where it was last seen. 

‘They don’t have the manpower to investigate themselves so I’m heading off alone on foot to see if my car is there…’

Mr Coren then shared images while walking under a bridge and along a street before finally locating the vehicle.

Upon its discovery, he said the thieves had ‘slung the seat back’ into the ‘gangster position’, adding: ‘I guess [they] just had a hell of a ride’. 

A spokesperson for the Met Police told MailOnline regarding the initial theft: ‘We are aware of a series of posts on social media relating to a vehicle stolen on Friday, 9 April that has now been recovered. 

‘At around 14:00 on Sunday, 11 April, police received a call from a member of the public reporting a suspected abandoned vehicle on a street in Highgate, N6. 

‘Records showed the vehicle had been reported stolen. 

Three of Mr Coren’s tweets, pictured above. All officers on duty in the area at the time were ‘assigned to ongoing incidents so unable to attend’, said the Met Police

‘The vehicle had been at the location for two days and there were no suspects present. 

‘All officers on duty in the area at the time were assigned to ongoing incidents so were unable to attend. 

‘The registered keeper was contacted and informed that his vehicle had been located. 

‘He told police that he would make his way to the location and was encouraged to call back if, on arriving, he was concerned for his safety or became aware of anything suspicious.

‘He attended the location without incident later the same afternoon and retook possession of his vehicle.’

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