The world’s most extreme body modification fans – from 'genderless reptile' and 'dark barbie' to man with giant tusks

THE world’s most extreme body modification fans are determined to completely transform their appearance.

From the "genderless reptile" and "dark Barbie" to a man with giant tusks, meet the people with the most extreme looks.

Tiamat Legion Medusa, 60, has spent at least £61,000 on more than 20 procedures over two decades including castration, ear removal, tongue splitting and 18 horn implants.

Their goal is to become a “human dragon” and they are far from finished – with upcoming plans to remove their six remaining teeth in order to get a full set of dental implants designed to look like dragon’s teeth.

Tiamat also has reshaped their nose, inspired by Harry Potter character Voldemort and had the whites of both eyes permanently stained green.

They said: “I believe that I am a real and true life reptoid, a half-human/half-reptilian creature.

“I can deal with being part human, just as long as I am also part reptilian because, with my being a transspecies, no longer being ‘just human’ gives me a peace that passes all understanding.”

Tiamat hopes the full transformation to be complete by 2025 as the pre-op transexual plans a penis removal, teeth removal and more tattoos to fully morph from human to reptilian.

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The 60-year-old who was born Richard Hernandez, previously explained how they was abandoned in the woods as a child and survived child abuse, self-harm and AIDs before finding happiness.

Meanwhile, Orc, 41, has tattooed roughly 80 percent of his body and has also just invested £400 to get two giant fake teeth fitted into his mouth.

Rico Ledesma, from Iguatemi, Brazil admits he got his first tattoo when he was just 15, and his first modification at 35.

Orc has since gone on to get eight subdermal piercings (placed under the skin), his tongue split and his eyeballs tattooed.

Despite his unique appearance, the artist insists he is just trying to be himself.

He said: “I am trying to be myself, these are just my ideas, my inspirations coming from the heart.”


Aydin Mod, 20, from Rome, was only 11 years old when she started body modifications by piercing her face with a needle in her bathroom.

She has now spent over $5,000 on her transformations, including tattooing her eyeballs and face, and getting labia implants – which required her vagina to be stretched.

The 20-year-old's ultimate goal is to become a "body modification Barbie".

She said: “I don’t think I’ll ever stop modifying myself, I want to cover my whole body with tattoos for sure, more piercings, permanent metal teeth which I’m currently working on.

“I’ll probably tattoo my eyes again to have them more black and recently I started looking for more common surgeries as well.  

“The only person I have to please is myself. For example, people call me ‘ugly’ but I don’t even consider it an insult, to be honest.”

Another mod fan, Raiden Dos Caras, 24, from Columbia, South America, has undergone over 20 surgeries to change his body in an attempt to become the most modified person in Latin America.

The dad-of-one started aged just 12 years old when he had his first-ever tattoo and has had so much work done over the years that he has lost track of how much he has spent on his transformation but estimates it has cost him £12,000.

The young dad has so far had his ears and nose cut off, installed implants in his skull, and undergone scarification branding.

Of his most difficult surgery – the nose removal – Raiden said: “It was very painful and I felt a lot of discomfort.

“Since I’ve had so many surgeries, the anaesthesia doesn’t have the same strength anymore, so I feel a lot of pain.

“Despite this being one of my most painful procedures, I think the duplications of the horns in my forehead comes close.”


Michel Faro do Prado, 44, from Praia Grande coast, in São Paulo, Brazil has been dubbed the human “Satan” after undergoing a number of body modifications.

The 45-year-old has even chopped off one of his fingers to make himself look more like an alien.

Michel, who has worked as a tattoo artist for 25 years, said he wants to look as sinister as possible, and has even gone to a dentist to shape his teeth into arches with plans to coat them entirely in metal.

Michel claims to have a high pain tolerance and said he doesn’t mind enduring more pain to achieve the body he desires.

He said: “Actually I have good resistance to pain, I don't think anything is so painful, I suffer a lot more in the post-procedures than at the time,

“And the truth is that there are changes that without anesthesia would be almost impossible to be done, I would love not to feel any pain.

“But if I have to feel pain, to achieve what I want, for sure I will face it!”

After more than 60 procedures, Michel has around 85 per cent of his body covered in ink and plans to win the Guinness World Record for the planet's most modified man.

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