The week in whoppers: CNNs COVID nonsense, Bidens tax-hike gaffe and more

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions:

This Headline: France kept classrooms open ‘at all costs.’ At a school where 20 pupils lost loved ones, some say the price was too high

We say:  CNN must be in bed with the teachers unions. Its headline dishonestly implies that keeping schools open in the pandemic caused needless deaths — though its own story eventually admits, “Nothing suggests these deaths were caused by infections at the school.” A host of studies show schools are not COVID spreaders. The weasel words “some say” are a dead giveaway for “agenda journalism”: It turns out CNN got a few students to express a “fear of bringing Covid-19 home and infecting a loved one.” Gee, wonder who put that false worry in their heads?

This quote: “Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.” — President Biden, May 3, 2021, defending his massive proposed tax hikes.

We say: No one pays any taxes? Wow! That’s something we can really get behind! Of course, if the prez really meant what he said, the nation would be even billions more in debt, thanks to his gargantuan spending. Alas, he no doubt meant folks wouldn’t pay any additional taxes — though even that isn’t quite true, since companies will simply pass along the cost of their tax hikes to customers, no matter their incomes. And Biden’s gaffe only adds to the President’s ever-growing record of misspeaking.

Clickbait corner

We say: Now we know how desperate the Times is for attention. Numerous media watchdogs blasted the paper for its story claiming “not everyone is happy about” singer Billie Eilish’s pose on the cover of British Vogue, sporting a new image in a pink corset. They noted that the story supplied just one lame example of dissatisfaction: a tweet from someone questioning the makeover. On Thursday, the story contained a second tweet from someone, calling the picture “bland and boring,” but how do even two random tweets amount to news? 

These Stories

We say: Oops: The Washington Post, New York Times and NBC all reported that the FBI warned ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani last year he was the target of a Russian disinformation campaign, implying he intentionally ignored the warning as he collected evidence to tarnish the Biden campaign. Except, it wasn’t true: He was never warned. The publications later retracted their stories, which is better than what they usually do with fake news.

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