Texas actor, 41, who appeared in Friday Night Lights is charged with beating cops with a crutch during Capitol riot

AN actor who once appeared in an episode of Friday Night Lights has been charged using a crutch to beat police officers during the Capitol riot.

Luke Coffee, 41, from Texas, was seen in photos and video using the crutch to attack cops protecting the building during the January 6 siege, the FBI says.

So far around 140 people have been charged in relation to the riots, which left five people dead including a police officer.

The FBI has received more than 100,000 tips, including photos and videos, according to a data based kept by the Program on Extremism at George Washington University,

Coffee has worked on post-production for a few television shows and has briefly appeared on Friday Night Lights and Las Vegas, the Daily Beast reports.

According to the FBI, he allegedly "used a crutch to assault police officers from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department".

He was caught doing so in numerous photos and videos, including multiple police body cams.

Coffee was identified by people who know him, including a former college classmate who happens to now be an FBI Special Agent, the complaint says.

His distinct outfit of "a brown cowboy style hat, a camouflage jacket, a blue bandana, and grey backpack" helped the authorities identify him.

A witness told the FBI, Coffee had been in a YouTube video last October where he “discussed several conspiracy theories”.

The complaint alleges Coffee held his “crutch in a more aggressive manner and position towards the police officers".

It’s claimed he "intended to further use the crutch as blunt object weapon by positioning the crutch directly toward the officer's upper chest/head area".

It took two MPD officers to hold him back, according to the complaint.

Coffee was charged with one count each of assault of a Federal law enforcement officer with a dangerous weapon and interference with law enforcement officer during civil disorder.

He was also charged obstruction of an official proceeding and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds, and two counts of unlawful entry on restricted grounds.

According to the criminal complaint, FBI agents conducted an interview with Coffee on January 13.

He admitted being present at the Capitol on January 6 and informed agents that he had been wearing a brown hat and held a crutch over his head while at the Capitol.

But he told agents he "did not engage in any type of physical confrontations with the police while at the Capitol Building".

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