Terrifying moment schizophrenic knifeman lunged at shoppers moments after stabbing dad-of-two to death – The Sun

THIS footage shows the moments after a crazed killer knifed a dad-of-two to death on his wife’s birthday in a Poundland store.

Schizophrenic Trevor Joyce stabbed shopper Justin Skrebowski, 61, as he bought balloons for his three-year-old twins.

The 37-year-old heroin and crack cocaine addict had picked up the 20 inch blade from the budget shop shelves and ripped it out the packet.

He then plunged it into art dealer Muslim convert Justin’s buttock severing major arteries saying: "This is what you get.”

The alarming video shows the crazed knifeman wandering down the street threatening random passers by.

The clip shows him walks up the street confronting and elderly man with a walking stick and a woman pushing a pram repeatedly yelling "f***".

Other customers ran for their lives as he said he wanted to kill them telling them: "If I had my way you'd all be stabbed too.”

He then shouted how he hadn’t slept for 20 years, threatened to kill two OAPS outside before being floored by Taser cops.

He said he heard three different voices in his head – including one called Daryl – who told him carry out the shocking attack.

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He'd also picked up a five inch long spiked fork before killing Justin in the budget store in Abingdon, Oxon in broad daylight on December 7 last year.

The court heard he’d been sectioned just six months earlier before being readmitted to hospital last October saying he wanted to kill himself and was having hallucinations.

But prosecutor Alan Blake said a week later he left hospital despite the doctor overseeing his treatment disagreeing that he should be discharged.

Docs first diagnosed him with chronic schizophrenia in 2003 and had taken drugs since he was 17.

Paramedics battled to vain to save Justin as Joyce then threatened to kill pensioner Robert Wyatt outside.

He ranted: "I'm going to kill you because I haven't had any sleep for 20 years" and threatened to cut his "f*****g head off."

The killer – who admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility last month – then approached another OAP Ron Wilkins in the street.

He held the knife to his throat and then cut the top of his hand as he tried to defend himself.

The killer asked people to congratulate him before he was arrested.

He also admitted two counts of making threats to kill, one count of causing actual bodily harm and one count of threatening others with an offensive weapon.

Judge Zoe Smith at the Old Bailey, jailed Joyce for life once he has completed a hospital order.

He was given a minimum term of 18 years and showed no emotion via videolink from Broadmoor.

She said: "It seems you left the house determined to commit a form of violence. You were saying you intended to stab somebody.

"This court takes the view that, were you to continue to take drugs and alcohol in the way you do, your treatment in the future will be ineffective, and you pose a serious risk of committing further offences in the future.

"You know that drug taking is going to exacerbate the symptoms that you have."


In March tragic Justin’s widow Gulsen Alkan won her fight to make it harder to buy knives in shops after his death.

She launched a campaign to bring in a raft of measures to try to stop such attacks happening again.

The bargain store chain and others including Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis have agreed to tighten up laws on selling blades.

Under new measures to be brought in there will be the same age restrictions on buying knives as alcohol.

They will also have to be sold in secure packaging and staff will be given training about selling them.

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