Shot of jackal chasing a magpie among entries in German photo contest

Fast food! Shot of a jackal chasing a magpie is among entries in prestigious German photography contest

  • A photo of a golden jackal chasing a magpie is one of the entries in the Glanzlichter Nature Photo Contest
  • The competition is open to nature photographers of all experience from hobbyists to professionals
  • The overall winning picture was of a white-tailed eagle scooping a fish from some water and flying off with it 

The stunning photo of a golden jackal chasing a magpie is just one of the incredible entries in this year’s Glanzlichter Nature Photo Contest.

The competition is open to everyone who practises nature photography either as a hobby or professionally. 

There are 10 categories in the competition including Glanzlichter Nature Photographer Of The Year, Junior Award Winner and The Beauty Of Plants.

Entrants had to pay an entree fee equal to about £17.50 but can win cash prizes of up to £10,500.

In one of the most striking images a golden jackal is seen baring its teeth and chasing a magpie at full speed.

Another of the entries shows a gorilla scratching its nose.

MailOnline showcases some of the best pictures in the competition: 

Wildlife photographer Maurizio Ferrari captured this stunning image of a jackal closing in on a magpie. The shot was taken in Romania and earned an honourable mention in the Glanzlichter photography contest

Markus Varesvuo, from Helsinki, Finland, captured this unbelievable image of a white-tailed eagle leaving the surface of a body of water with a fish clutched in its claws. It was the overall winning picture in the photo competition

Tomasz Szpila took this photo of a gorilla which spent most of its life at London zoo. The animal scratches its nose in the picture

This photo of birds running from the tide won the Fritz Poelking Award. It was captured by Bart Siebelink in The Netherlands

An incredible fork of lightening crashes into the sea in this picture. Italian Ivan Pedretti came first in the Magnificent Wilderness section for this picture set in Sardinia, Italy

Two Mandarinfish share a kiss in this cheeky close up taken in Indonesia. The photo called The Kiss helped German Tobias Friedrich win first place in the Diversity of all other Animals category

The Beauty Of Plants category was won by this photo of an old oak tree on a misty winter’s day. It was taken by Csaba Daroczi, from Hungary

This overhead shot of the Rio Tinto river in Spain claimed first place in the Aerial Views Of Nature category. Florian Smit took the photo called Paintbox

German photographer Antje Kreienbrink took this surreal image of a pair of mute swans in twighlight after leaving their lake to search for food in Thueringen. It won first place in the Artists on Wings category

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