Shocking photos show filthy flat buried in mountain of empty Lucozade bottles and takeaway boxes

THIS flat was left in a revolting state by brazen tenants who bolted before paying the rest of the rent.

The horrified landlord – who said there was no way he was crossing the squalid threshold – had to get professional cleaners in to blitz the property near Swansea.

Footage shared by Wales Online from the stinking scene shows carpets strewn with takeaway boxes and empty bottles of fizzy drink.

Doors appear to have been ripped from their hinges and suspect black and brown dots cover areas of the flooring.

Close to the bathroom there appears to be several cigarette butts trampled into the carpet.

The bathroom's tiles are strewn with countless empty toilet rolls and the bizarre addition of a kettle.

The sofa sits in a sea of empty Lucozade bottles and several empty crisp boxes can be scene buoying in the ocean of rubbish.

Rancid crockery spills across kitchen sides and one cupboard appears to have vomited swathes of litter across the floor.

Other rooms are completely indiscernible due to the piles of waste cluttering their four walls.

Tenants reportedly fled the filthy flat with rent still to pay.

But Dan Baker, who runs waste management service Dan The Man With A Van, brought in to clear the place from waste, said it wasn't even the worst sight he'd seen.

He said: "I have come across worse properties to clean. Students are the worst."

Dan added the landlord made it clear he wouldn't be entering the property himself.

The cleaners also cleared out a few "little rats," Dan said.

The flat has since been restored to its original state.

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