Shocking moment fishermen capture huge BULL SHARK & parade carcass around town | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a dead bull shark was paraded through the streets of a coastal town.

Footage shows the mangled carcass of the seven-foot beast after it was captured in a fishing weir.

The predator, also known as carcharhinus leucas, had died after becoming trapped in the net at a port in Sao José de Ribamar, Brazil, on Sunday.

According to reports, local residents – stunned by the sheer size of the beast – paraded the shark’s carcass around town after it was discovered.

In the video, locals are seen displaying the dead animal on a makeshift cart as dozens of people approach it to inspect its fins and jagged teeth.

The shark also appears to have suffered a serious injury to its underbelly, with internal organs exposed at the wound.

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The bull shark, listed as ‘near threatened’ on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), measured around two metres (6.6 feet) in length.

Known locally as a ‘Cabeca-Chata’, bull sharks are rarely seen so near the coast despite occupying the area.

The shark species has reportedly been the target of illegal fishing in the past, which has contributed to its dwindling numbers in the area.

However, local authorities do not suspect foul play in the animal's demise as it had most likely died in the fishing trap.

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Biologist Keyton Coelho told local media: “This species measures, on average, three and a half metres.

"They are commonly found off the coast of Maranhao, where around 20 species live.”

It comes after horror pictures emerged of a dead dolphin after it was ripped almost in half by shark yards from a beach.

Pictures show two huge chunks ripped out of the dolphin after it was snapped in South Carolina, US,

Its throat has been ripped out – almost fully decapitating it.

And what appear to be two enormous bite marks surround a large cavity where its belly used to be.

In another pic, the fin and tail of a shark can be seen in the shallows a few feet from the carcass.

It is thought this shark was attracted by the blood to feast on the remains as it is too small to have made the fatal wounds.

Redditors speculated a bull shark or tiger shark could have savaged the dolphin.

Great whites, tiger sharks, bull sharks and sixgill sharks regularly prey on dolphins and porpoises, experts say.

Earlier this month a 1,400lbs great white named Breton was caught and tagged by researchers 60 miles from Myrtle Beach.

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While there has been a series of shark maulings in waist-deep waters on the US east coast this year.

Attacks on humans have occurred at beaches from Florida to Long Island, and dozens have been tracked stalking around Cape Cod.

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