Shock moment actor Ricky Schroder confronts Costco worker who wouldn't let him in without a mask

ACTOR Ricky Schroder filmed an exchange he had with an employee at Costco in California who didn’t allow him to enter the store without a mask.

The former Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue star argued that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has loosened the masks and social distancing mandates for fully vaccinated people. 

But the employee who identified himself as supervisor Jason told Shroder outside the store that "In the state of California and the county of Los Angeles… and Costco, there has been no change to our policy." 

He explained that all Costco locations still follow mask mandates issued by states, according to Fox News.

"Oh if they grant us that, our kings? The people in power? You’re going to listen to these people?" Schroder was heard saying in his video as he was talking to the employee.

 "They’ve destroyed our economy, they've destroyed our culture, they’re destroying our state and you’re just going to listen to their rules,” he added.

Costco CEO, Craig Jelinek, said that Costco stores that ditched their mask requirements in accordance with CDC guidelines are located in places that don’t have state or local jurisdiction requiring masks, according to USA Today.

"Costco always goes above and beyond when following the law and the mandate in California has not changed," Jason told Schroder.

Schroder then turned his camera on himself and asked people to “give up” their membership to Costco until they remove the mask mandate.

"I’m getting my refund, I’m getting my refund from Costco. I suggest everyone in California get their refund from Costco,” he said.

Schroder posted a video later on his Facebook page in which he apologized for using the employee to make a point about corporate laws.

"I was trying to make a point to their corporate overlords and I’m sorry I had to use you to do it. If I hurt your feelings, I apologize, but I do think that independence from medical tyranny is more important than hurting people’s feelings,” he said.

Vaccinated people don't need to wear masks indoors or outdoors unless they are on public transport or in healthcare settings, the Centers for Disease Control announced on Thursday.

It will mean that two weeks after receiving a Covid vaccine, Americans can safely resume life as it was before the pandemic with limited restrictions.

"If you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic," the CDC said in a statement.

"The science is clear: if you are fully vaccinated, you are protected, and you can start doing the things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic."

"You can shed your masks," added CDC Director Rochelle Walensky during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

The guidelines still call for wearing masks in crowded indoor settings such as buses, trains, planes, prisons, and homeless shelters.

Masks will also still be required in healthcare settings.

Americans were advised that they will still need to follow regulations implemented by different local businesses and in various workplaces.

However, it would ease restrictions for reopening workplaces and schools.

White House staff were reportedly emailed after the announcement and told they no longer need to wear a mask on the grounds if they are vaccinated.

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