‘Russian Madeleine McCann’ mystery ends in horror as eight-year-old’s killer leaves map showing where body is buried – The Sun

A CHILLING case of a missing girl dubbed 'Russia's Madeleine McCann' has been tragically solved after a man left clues on a map to locate her body.

Svetlana Dudina, eight, vanished without trace from the Russian village of Zvezda four years ago.

Her disappearance triggered suspicion of her father and stepfather, but both insisted they were innocent and passed lie detector tests.

Svetlana’s mother Tatiana Dudina, 33, was convinced the girl had been abducted in a case seen having similarities to that of Madeleine McCann.

She had never given up hope of finding the missing child and led a campaign backed by volunteers to keep her case in the public eye.

“I feel that it is useless to search for her in our area,” said Tatiana. “I am so scared.”

The girl was described as “blue-eyed, with straight blonde hair…dressed in shorts, pink T-shirt and flip-flops.”

Last month, a map was found on a metal door in a settlement near Zvezda, giving clues about the location of Svetlana's body.

It led to the discovery that the girl had been killed by a 63-year-old villager with a hammer.

The map included the date she vanished – 20 June 2016 – when her farmer stepfather had dropped her close to home after she rode with him on a combine harvester.

Other words daubed on the door were ‘garage’, ‘3rd storage’ and ‘child’.

The killer also drew a macabre image of the body of a girl – but did not identify himself.

Police used the information to locate the remains of the girl.

They detained a suspect who confessed both the murder and daubing the map on the door, the Russian Investigative Committee said.

The unnamed man is shown on a police video using a stick to represent the hammer with which he killed the girl.

The sinister killer – known to her grieving family – showed detectives on a mannequin how he struck the child and then disposed of her body.

He said the girl had run into his backyard and “distracted” him from his work.

He admitted to hitting the eight-year-old with a hammer on her head, killing her.

He then drove her body to a nearby village where he buried it.

The man had a “guilty conscience” and wanted to reveal his crime, according to a report.

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