Run-down garage on posh London street dubbed 'millionaire's row' up for sale for a whopping £1.2m after stunning refurb

A RUN-DOWN garage on an upmarket street in London originally bought for £350,000 is now worth a staggering £1.2 million.

The lock-up, which sits on the so-called 'Millionaire's Row' in Kensington, West London, is now completely unrecognisable after being transformed. 

The drab 70 square metres of space was fully converted – now including a basement bedroom and a stunning ground floor open plan living room and kitchen.

The flip, undertaken by business partners Hadi Sarmadi and David Lonsdale, cost about £550,000 but now means the property is expected to sell for more than £1m.

The work was completed last month, with Mr Lonsdale, a barrister revealing that he plans to live in the home until it goes on the market later this year.

The Kensington property consists of solar panels on the roof, which generate the bulk of its electricity. 

The flip is set to give them a healthy £300,000 profit and they plan to invest that into building more top-level eco-friendly homes. 

The super-insulated roof is heated using a pump which extracts air from the atmosphere, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Lonsdale said: '’From a small, run down garage has come this beautiful, incredible property that has been built to a superior standard compared to other homes.

‘'The home is all about using natural resources as energy and will be a wonderful place to live. It's in one of London's best areas and offers wonderful views of a lovely and genteel square.'’

The transformed property has been awarded Passive Home Status, the international standard for the world's most energy efficient buildings.

The efficient home is set to bring in an energy bill of only £600 per year, almost half of the cost of a similar size house built to traditional standards. 

The work on the home was carried out by Magnificent Basement Company, which is now owned by Lonsdale and Sarmadi.

Despite the hefty profit made off of the renovation, it’s not all about money for the pair.

Lonsdale added: '’Everything that our company wants to do in the future is not just about making a profit but building in a sustainable way.'’

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