Reddit's WallStreetBets airs 5-second Super Bowl ad about 'how underdogs can accomplish anything'

REDDIT's WallStreetBets aired a five-second Super Bowl advertisement on Sunday evening about "how underdogs can accomplish anything."

The ad's screen time comes after WallStreetBets said they were creating a Super Bowl advertisement to "sh*t on the Robinhood app."

WallStreetBets – a Reddit group with several million members who share trading tips about how to beat "the system" – was hoping to put down stock trading app Robinhood.

The group made the move after Robinhood blocked GameStop trading, according to reports.

About an hour into Super Bowl LV NFL – featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Reddit took to Twitter to announce the news.

Reddit tweeted: "What just happened?" alongside a seven-second video – revealing the commercial that was aired.

In the ad, was the following statement:

"Wow, this actually worked. If you're reading this, it means out bet paid off.

"Big game spots are expensive, so we couldn't buy a full one. But we were inspired and decided to spend our entire marketing budget on five second of airtime."

"One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when they come together around a common idea."

"Powerful things happen when people rally around something they really care about. And there's a place for that. It's called Reddit."

Meanwhile, Robinhood revealed its first-ever Super Bowl commercial last week as the company faces scrutiny for putting limits on customers’ GameStop shares as stocks surged.  

The stock trading app first revealed its 30-second Super Bowl commercial – which reportedly cost $5.5million – on Wednesday.

"We are all investors," the commercial – which is public on YouTube and has since obtained more than 126,000 views – is titled.

As the video places, the narrator's voice is heard saying: "Don't think you're an investor? … You don't need to become an investor – You were born one."

Despite Robinhood purchasing the Super Bowl commercial slot back in December, Wednesday's reveal prompted an uproar from Reddit's WallStreetBets.

A Reddit discussion called "We should buy a Super Bowl ad (f**k Robinhood" has since reeled in more than 3,000 comments since it was submitted on Wednesday.

On Reddit user urged in the comments for a commercial to be created quickly "for us to sh*t on them."

"TL;DR f**k Robinhood let's buy super bowl ad space and shit on them," reads, "another user wrote, according to Mashable.

According to the news outlet, The Office actor Leslie David Baker was voiced his support on Reddit.

He wrote: "I would love to help you all make this happen.

"If this is something you're seriously considering let me know, my team and I will use all resources at our disposal to get us the advertisement, shoot it, get the talent, crew, and get it out in time for Super Bowl. You have my full support!"

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe – titled "WallStreetBets Superbowl Commercial" – has raised more than $29,000 of its $6million goal since being launched on Wednesday.

If the crowdfunding page raises its goal of $6million, the GoFundMe explains: "$5.5million will buy a 30 second ad during the Superbowl and cement WSB in the history books.

"GoFundMe takes a cut of of $0.30+2.9%, figure that takes $6 million down to 5.808 million."

However, if not enough money is raised, the GoFundMe page insisted "all money will be refunded."

"No funds will be withdrawn from the GoFundMe account. I am not an expert on this platform but welcome any suggestions to verify this," the page reads.

"If money has to be spent on production (I can't imagine for what but can't exclude the possibility) that amount will be deducted proportionally from refunds before they are issued."

Earlier this week, Gamestop stock plunged by over half and AMC plummeted as the Reddit army phenomenon winds down.

The gaming company fell as much as 55 percent on Tuesday, after experiencing a 31 percent drop the day before.

The trading frenzy began in late January, when small-time investors began buying up shares in GameStop, a loss-making video games retailer.

GameStop shares surged 700 percent last week as amateurs, inspired by tips shared on social media, piled into the stock .

But it now seem the share price has sharply declined.

Despite the plummeting price, many of the message board’s 8.2 million members pledged to hold onto their GameStop shares.

Members pledged to do so to spite the hedge funds that bet against the stock.

The Reddit trader who sparked the GameStop frenzy said he lost $13million in a single day after share prices plummeted this week.

Keith Gill – otherwise known as as DeepF—ing Value on Reddit and “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube – revealed the loss on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum.

Gill has become an internet celebrity since his fellow WallStreetBets users carried out one of the biggest short squeezes ever, driving GameStop’s share price as high as $483 last week.

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