Police clash with activists at Bank of England and Stock Exchange

Police clash with small group of anti-capitalist activists who target the Bank of England and London Stock Exchange on same day

  • Green Anti-Capitalist Front staged two protests in the City Of London on Friday
  • Group clashed with police at the Stock Exchange before Bank of England demo
  • Video shows officers shouting at activists to ‘get back’ during the incident 
  • One clip appears to show policeman being hit by a thrown item and falling down 

Police have clashed with a group of anti-capitalist activists who targeted the Bank of England and London Stock Exchange today.  

Dozens of people, some wearing masks and scarfs to cover their faces, were seen being restrained and told to ‘move back’ by officers.

The two Green Anti-Capitalist Front events happened during their ‘Week of Action’, with them telling supporters online that ‘it’s time to fight back for the planet.’

Video filmed outside the London Stock Exchange showed activists releasing blue smoke into the streets and trying to push towards a line of City of London officers.  

Protesters and police clashed in the City of London today after activists from the Green Anti-Capitalist Front staged a protest (pictured one officer appears to have fallen to the floor as others pull on a demonstrator) 

Protesters marched through the streets with flags and let off colourful smoke as they walked

Other videos revealed the officers pushing the protesters back in an effort to keep control of the demo and the crowd at a distance. 

As the demonstrators tried to get closer to the building, several officers shouted ‘move back’ before having to push at the activists.

While in another clip an officer is seen shoving into a protester, who is carrying a flag with a wooden pole, as they try to step closer to the main action.

The demonstration later moved to the Bank Of England, with that part scheduled to start from 2pm and last until 6pm.

Two officers held down one of the activists outside the London Stock Exchange on Friday

Many of the protesters wore masks and scarfs to cover their faces while at the demonstration 

Firework damage seen on a door as protestors from the Green Anti-Capitalist Front clashed with police at the Stock Exchange

Pink smoke was released as officers tried to stop the activists from getting into the building

Dozens of people marched through the street while waving flags and some were seen being restrained by police officers. 

Another clip filmed during the raucous appeared to show a police officer being hit by something thrown by a protester.

The officer fell to the ground and was seen too by their colleagues while three other policemen pushed back protesters.

As tensions rose the officers waved their batons and kicked out at the activists, all while a larger group protested behind them. 

One officer appeared to be hit during the raucous and were seen being surrounded by their colleagues

A group of protesters wearing hooded jackets and masks were seen trying to broach the doors

A flyer from the protest outside the Stock Exchange had details for another event outside the Bank of England at the bottom 

An officer is seen keeping watch outside the stock exchange on Friday

A leaflet from the clash read: ‘The planet is under attack. We are living through the destruction of the Earth and the lives of billions. 

‘We known what is caughing this destruction – the people who get disgustingly rich while nowing that they are destroying the future for everybody. 

‘They ignore the struggle of the global south while stealing resources to pad their pockets; it’s about time we said – No More!’ 

The group later tweeted: ‘As part of the #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture today we went to the #StockExchange to shut down their profiteering from the climate crisis


Fridays For Future is the movement which Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg founded, with the teenager being in Bristol for a march today.

MailOnline has contacted the City of London police for a comment. 

Three officers restrained one activist took part in the demonstration at the Stock Exchange 

Police shouted at the demonstrators to move back as they tried to contain the protest today

The group said the action was trying to ‘shut down the stock exchange’s profiteering from the climate crisis’ 

Dozens of City of London police officers had to line up infront of the stock exchange 

Passersby stopped to watch what was happening at the London Stock Exchange on Friday

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