Photo shows trans teacher with Z-cup breasts at kids' dance recital

EXCLUSIVE: Photo shows trans teacher with Z-cup breasts at children’s dance recital after she ‘snuck in during the break – but was told by concerned parents to leave’

  • In 2021, controversial Canadian trans teacher Kayla Lemieux was pictured at a children’s dance recital in Burlington, Ontario
  • A source told that Lemieux snuck into the theater during intermission and was later asked to leave by concerned parents
  • Parents told Lemieux to get out as she did not have a child involved in the performance 
  • Earlier this year, Lemieux made international headlines when photos of her showing up to teach with her colossal bust and blond wig went viral

The trans Canadian high school teacher who made headline news worldwide after photos of her with prosthetic Z-cup breasts and blond wig went viral was once asked to leave a children’s concert. 

A source told that in 2021, Kayla Lemieux, attended a children’s dance recital in Burlington, Ontario. The source said that Lemieux apparently snuck into the theater during intermission.

Lemieux sat in the front row watching the children dancing on stage. Eventually, she was confronted by concerned parents and asked to leave as she did not have a child involved in the show. 

The educator began transitioning from male to female in 2021. has reached out to Lemieux for comment on this story. 

Controversial trans teacher Kayla Lemieux pictured at a children’s dance recital in Ontario in 2021

On Friday, David Menzies, a host with the right wing Canadian news outlet Rebel Media, spoke about Lemieux being removed from the theater in an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. 

Menzies also discussed the incident in a November episode of his show. At the time he said of Lemieux’s presence at the dance recital: ‘This is so gross. This is so disturbing. This is so despicable.’

During the same episode, Menzies said that he brought a camera crew to Lemieux’s condo. He said that he witnessed Lemieux removing her breasts and wig while at home.

The Halton District School Board suggested it would be a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code to criticize or stop la Lemieux, who began transitioning from a man to a woman last year, from wearing the huge breast prosthetics (above)

Video of the incident shows Menzies being removed from the meeting and confronted by a police officer over the protest 

Activist David Menzies speaking about his ban during an appearance on Friday on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News’ show

In October, Menzies attended a meeting of the Halton School District School Board, where Lemieux teaches at Oakville Trafalgar High School, as the character ‘Mammary Menzies’ equipped with extremely large prosthetic breasts.

Menzies brought with him a petition calling for the school board to be terminated over Lemieux’s continued employment. He was eventually removed from the meeting by a police officer.

Lemieux made international headlines earlier this year when photos of her showing up to teach children with Z-cup prosthetic breasts spread worldwide.

Speaking about the ban in an interview with Tucker Carlson Friday, Menzies asked: ‘Why can you have a dress code for kids and not one for adults?’ Carlson replied by saying: ‘Cause they don’t care about kids.’

During his protest, Menzies showed that his position asking for the removal of the board had 16,000 signatures.

He told the members of the board: ‘The Halton District School Board and the Director of Education, Curtis Ennis, should be fired for allowing a female-identifying shop teacher to wear enormous fake breasts that are barely contained by see-through blouses while teaching.’

While the petition in question read: ‘The HDSB and the Director of Education, Curtis Ennis, have admitted the school’s dress code, which prevents visible genitals and nipples, only applies to students.’

It continues: ‘Lemieux’s prosthetic boobs and long blonde wig are an obvious hazard when working with power tools. But instead of having safety and decency concerns, Ennis and the board have said they respect the gender expression of their teachers and students.’

In his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show on Friday night, Menzies said that as a result of his protest, he has been banned for life from all of the Halton School District School Board’s properties.

If he were to set foot inside the grounds, Menzies said that he would be arrested immediately on trespassing charges. He told Carlson: ‘Canada is devolving into a police state with every passing week.’

The host said that no reason was communicated to him as to why he was banned. Menzies went on to describe Lemieux as a ‘grotesque caricature of a woman.’

He added his belief that Lemieux is suffering from a condition known as autogynephilia, where a male is sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a woman.

Ontario students were allegedly being threatened with suspension for filming and photographing Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher Kayla Lemieux. The controversial teacher, who wears size Z prosthetic breasts, was seen in crutches last week 

At the original protest, a parent can be heard shouting: ‘Children! We as adults are supposed to protect the children.’ The parent alleged that Lemieux taught other classes other than shop.

Another person said: ‘No normal person in their right mind would dress up like that and go teach kids. Come on. Are you guys okay in your head?’

Earlier this week, students were allegedly threatened with suspension if they took pictures of Lemieux.

Students have since shared videos of Lemieux in other schools while she recovers from a foot injury, showing her walking with crutches and sitting besides a student who appeared to be vaping, the Toronto Sun reports.

The district has now sent out a warning reminding students that they are not allowed to take pictures of anyone in school unless they get their permission.

Lemieux was pictured and recorded by students wearing the large prosthetics in class. The pictures have gone viral, with many criticizing the teacher’s attire

Along with complaints over the alleged suspension warnings, parents claimed ‘Lemieux gets a personal escort [and] protection’ everywhere she goes after the district received a series of bomb threats.

School board spokesperson Heather Francey reiterated that the district cannot comment on Human Resources matters.

She added that students must obey the district’s ‘Responsible Use Procedures for Information and Communications Technology’ policy.

‘It is routine practice for students to obtain permission of any subject at any time (including other students, staff or any person) before capturing, using and transmitting images or video,’ she told the Sun. ‘This policy helps guide that standard courtesy across our board.’

The district did not immediately respond to’s request for additional comments.

According to photos posted by male porn star Voodoo Pornstar, he took Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher Kayla Lemieux skydiving back in October

In November, Lemieux made further news when she was pictured skydiving with a male porn star named Voodoo, whose real name is Alexandre Boisvert.

Voodoo went on to say that he was only focused on jumping out of the plane and discussing his personal feelings about transgender people with Lemieux would be counter productive to their safety. He also stressed that Lemieux did not know who he was either.

It’s not clear what the relationship is, if there is any, between Voodoo and Lemieux.

Speaking exclusively to, Voodoo said: ‘I had no idea I was taking the controversial transgender school teacher until they showed up to the drop zone.’

‘I’m not a fan of trans activism or Kayla’s behavior at the school but I’m a professional and I don’t discriminate.’

He added: ‘I’ll throw anyone out of a plane. Plus, I regarded taking a a big 230 pound person with huge prosthetic beasts on a skydive as a challenge. Most instructors would not even take them strictly on their size alone.’

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