Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein installed a TEN-PERSON shower for orgies on his Caribbean island, witness claims – The Sun

SEX predator Jeffrey Epstein installed a TEN-PERSON shower for orgies on his Caribbean island and filled the walls of the bathroom with pictures of naked girls.

Steve Scully, 70, who maintained the phone lines and internet on Little St James, also told The Sun On Sunday how the billionaire would shuttle in topless girls by helicopter.

The former IT contractor sensationally revealed last week how he allegedly saw Prince Andrew groping and kissing sex slave Virginia Roberts on Epstein’s island.

Today Steve lifts the lid on the warped ex-Wall Street banker’s lair on Little St James – including his perverted penchant for naked young girls.

Steve said: “In the years I worked there, Epstein remodelled his bedroom four times.

“He went all the way from a French provincial mahogany look with a huge four poster bed and gorgeous antiques to a neo-modern look.

“He put in a ten-showerhead shower – for group showers.

“There were more pictures in the bathroom than anywhere else – including of young, barely clothed or semi-nude girls.”

Father-of-three Steve, who lives on St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, claimed he saw Andrew, 60, pawing at Virginia sometime between 2001 and 2004.


His stunning testimony made him the first independent witness to place the prince on Epstein's island with Virginia – who claims she had sex with Andrew three times as a teen.

Prince Andrew has strenuously denied having any sexual contact with her.

Steve today reveals how Epstein would have his Boeing 727 – nicknamed the Lolita Express – park at the private terminal in St Thomas and take young girls to his island by helicopter.

He said: “At least three times I saw helicopter land on the island and two or three very young-looking girls get out.”

Another time he arrived at one of Epstein’s favourite beaches on the island and the financier was with three girls who were all topless.

On one other occasion, Steve was at the boat dock and there were five young girls standing in bikini tops who he was told were Victoria’s Secret models.

He said Epstein – who kept stacks of Mixed Martial Arts DVDs by his bed – would order dozens of white polo shirts that he would wear once, then give to staff to cut up into cleaning rags.

Steve also told of several shock encounters with alleged Epstein enabler Ghislaine Maxwell, which she has denied.

He was called to fix a telecommunications problem on the Caribbean hideaway on Christmas Eve in 2000, which involved him working eight straight hours.

He said that Maxwell then tried to give him a reward.

Steve said: “She carefully folded up a $100 bill and put it in the top pocket of my shirt, then moved in and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“I was shocked but stood up to her. I took the bill out of my pocket saying: ‘I don’t take tips’. She looked a little taken aback.”

He had another encounter with Maxwell at Epstein’s estate office in the Red Hook area of St Thomas, from where staff boats would cross daily to Little St James.

The final straw for Steve came when Epstein’s pool hand came down from Palm Beach.

Steve said: “The pool guy asked me: ‘Would you let your daughters visit the island?’

“I said I wouldn’t let my kids within five miles of Jeffrey. As soon as he raised this, I thought: ‘I’ve got to leave this place’. The next day I quit.”

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