North Korea slams UK for 'illogical thinking' after Kim missile launches

TRIGGER-happy Kim Jong-un has accused the UK  of “illogical thinking” following calls for a top-level UN meeting over his rogue state's latest missile launches.

Britain, Germany, France and Belgium have all raised North Korea’s latest firings before the Security Council branding them a provocative act which breach global rules.

The isolated country fired two short-range missiles off its east coast into the sea on Monday after a three-month halt in military tests.

The launches – which officials have said were routine drills – were personally overseen by all-powerful Kim.

“The illogical thinking and sophism of these countries are just gradually bearing a close resemblance to the United States, which is hostile to us,” said a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson today.

The spokesperson described the European action as “reckless behaviour … instigated by the United States.”

Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korea’s leader earlier defended the controversial launches saying they were not meant to threaten anyone.

They came two days after North Korea’s state media revealed Kim had supervised another artillery drill.

South Korea confirmed the new launches in a statement but couldn’t confirm how far the projectiles flew or whether the weapons were ballistic or rocket artillery.

The resumption of testing comes after Kim expressed deep frustration in December over deadlocked talks with the United States.

Nuclear diplomacy between North Korea and the US has largely stalled since the breakdown of Kim’s second summit with Trump in February 2019 in Vietnam.

After the failed Hanoi summit, North Korea carried out a slew of short-range missile and other weapons tests.

Trump downplayed them saying there were short-range weapons that didn’t pose a direct threat to the US mainland.

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