NJ woman ordered to remove Fk Biden lawn signs — or face $250 daily fines

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Letters to the Editor — July 5, 2021

Letters to the Editor — July 4, 2021

A New Jersey woman has been ordered to remove a number of profane signs attacking President Biden or face a $250 a day fine.

In his ruling, Roselle Park Municipal Court Judge Gary Bundy said the right of free speech was not absolute and that signs which read “f–k Biden” were in violation of local ordinances banning public obscenity.

“This is not a case about politics. It is a case, pure and simple, about language,” Bundy said, NJ.com reported. “It is clear from state law and statutes that we cannot simply put up the umbrella of the First Amendment and say everything and anything is protected speech.”

Bundy said other less profane anti-Biden signs on the property with messages like “Socialism Sucks: Biden Blows” could remain.

The Jersey property is owned by Patricia Dilascio, but the signs belong to her daughter Andrea Dick. The home is near a school and has been a source of irritation for many residents.

Michael Campagna, a lawyer for Dilascio, likened the decision to Nazi Germany.

“In Nazi Germany, when Hitler didn’t like something, they burned the books and then they burned the people,” Campagna said, according to published reports. “I don’t think we want that to happen in Roselle Park.”

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