NJ man hospitalized after J&J COVID-19 vaccine placed on ventilator

The New Jersey man who was hospitalized with COVID-19 after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was placed on a ventilator Friday as his condition worsened, his daughter told The Post.

Francisco Cosme, 52— who fell ill despite receiving the jab five weeks before — was unconscious when his daughter, Michelle Torres, saw him briefly during a FaceTime call Friday morning.

“He’s not doing too well now. The doctors said right now it’s still up to his body to keep going,” said Torres, her voice quaking with emotion.

“He isn’t conscious, we’re just looking at him,” she said.

Torres, who hasn’t been allowed to visit her father at the hospital because she also has COVID-19, said her family is heartbroken over his deteriorating health.

“It’s a lot, you’re praying and wanting the best. And it took a turn for the worse,” she said.

Cosme, who is diabetic, was put on a ventilator at 5 a.m. Friday — but the “oxygen level” on the machine “isn’t where it needs to be,” she said.

Cosme first began to feel symptoms of the coronavirus, including a cough and chills,  on April 1 after getting the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Javits Center on March 6. He was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center last week, where he is still being treated.

Torres said she now wants Johnson & Johnson to do more research on the vaccine — and to clarify that people may still be hospitalized with the coronavirus, even after they’ve received the shot. 

“Do more research and revise [your] statement,” she said.

In another New Jersey case, Shannon Kelly, 25, of Tabernacle, told The Post she fell ill with COVID-19 earlier this month after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Kelly said she got the shot on March 11 at a CVS in Clementon and felt fine at first.

“Three weeks later, I had a cold, congestion, and an earache,” said Kelly, who works at a private school. “I lost my smell and my taste. I have bad cough and shortness of breath.”

On Saturday, she tested positive for COVID-19, despite being otherwise fit and healthy, she said.

“I’ve been in bed for two weeks now,” she said, adding her cough hasn’t let up yet.

“[It’s] surprising. I knew Johnson & Johnson wasn’t as effective as the other two. Yet I’m young, healthy, and in shape.”

Earlier this week, a 39-year-old Brooklyn man said he got sick from COVID-19 two weeks after receiving the Johnson & Johnson jab.

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