Medical examiner says Kassidi Kurill’s death likely wasn’t caused by Moderna vaccine

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Utah’s chief medical examiner urged the public not to jump to conclusions about the death of a 39-year-old woman four days after she received the second dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine — insisting there is no evidence the jab was connected to her passing.

After receiving her second jab on Feb. 1, Kassidi Kurill became sick and was hospitalized. Four days later, the single mom died under mysterious circumstances.

But Dr. Erik Christensen, chief medical examiner for Utah’s Health Department, told Fox News that the tragic mom’s second dose and her death are only “temporally related.”

“We don’t have any evidence that there are connections between the vaccines and deaths at this point,” he insisted. “We don’t have any indication of that.”

Christensen said side effects from inoculations are to be expected, but that how people respond to the vaccine will ultimately be determined by their biology.

“Certainly, there are side effects of a vaccine that are directly linkable to the vaccine and what’s going on in your body,” Christensen said. “You know, the pain in the arm … the fever-like symptoms related to your immune response to what was put into you. Those kinds of things clearly happen.”

Kurill, who received the vaccine due to her work as a surgical tech, experienced a sore arm after the first dose, but had no other side effects, her father Alfred Hawley told KUTV.

But things took a tragic turn after she received her second dose when she soon became ill and ended up in a hospital, where doctors determined that her liver was failing, Hawley said.

She died 30 hours later.

The Food and Drug Administration requires that vaccination providers report any deaths after COVID-19 jabs to the Vaccine Adverse Report System, which shows that there are four deaths reported involving Utah residents, according to Fox News.

One of the four matches Kurill’s age, while the other three were all in their 80s, the outlet reported.

Utah’s Health Department told Fox News that the Office of the Medical Examiner will “investigate any death where the COVID-19 vaccine is mentioned on the death certificate.”

However, there is currently no evidence that the jab is dangerous.

“There is no evidence COVID-19 vaccines have caused any deaths in Utah. Reports of adverse reactions and death following vaccination do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused the reaction or death,” it said.

“Reports of concern are verified and undergo scientific study. The CDC also follows up on any report of death to request additional information and learn about what occurred and to determine whether the death was a result of the vaccine or unrelated.”

Christensen said that cases involving post-vaccine deaths are worth investigating, but added that until we know all the results, it’s just “speculation.”

An autopsy was performed on Kurill’s body but the state Medical Examiner’s Office could not comment on it due to privacy laws.

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