M6 worker knocked to the ground by metal from passing lorry

Painful moment motorway worker is knocked down a piece of metal flying off a passing lorry

  • He was working on upgrading the M6 in Staffordshire when the metal flew at him
  • The metal hit his leg and he collapsed to the ground before hobbling off the road 
  • The footage was released to urge people to secure items to their vehicles safely

A dashboard camera filmed a piece of metal falling off an oncoming lorry and shooting into a motorway worker’s leg. 

The man was working on upgrading the M6 in Staffordshire when the metal flew into his leg and he collapsed to the ground in pain. 

He did not suffer any serious injuries but the footage was released as part of the road authority’s campaign to make sure people secure items to their vehicles correctly. 

A man working on upgrading the M6 in Staffordshire was knocked to the ground afetr a piece of metal flew off a lorry into his leg

Pictured: The piece of metal that hit the worker. He did not suffer any major injuries but Highways England has warned that items not properly secured to vehicles is a dangerous issue

After being knocked to the ground he manages to get onto his feet and hobble off the road in front of the driver who had stopped to make sure the worker was okay.  

Workers on the motorway have seen all sorts of dangerous things fall onto some of the country’s busiest roads including a sofa, a king-size mattress and even a bike.    

Items that fall off of heavy goods vehicles can close down roads for hours and are dangerous for people’s safety. 

On Road Team Manager Glenn Lamont, who patrols roads in Cumbria, said that items often fall off vehicles when someone has bought something off of social media and is trying to transport it without a trailer. 

‘I personally have dealt with roof boxes, bicycles, sofas, LGV trailer roofs, a domestic oil tank and many other weird objects,’ he said. 

The most unusual item he came across was a 40ft mast from a sailing ship that took up two whole lanes.  

Road Team Manager Rob Frost, who is based in South Yorkshire, said his experience was no different to Mr Lamont’s. 

He has reported dealing with items like fence panels, a shed, tools, tool boxes and motorcycle bags. 

‘We have had top boxes – the whole contents of one family’s top box was spread all over three lanes of the M62 as they were returning from holiday,’ said Mr Frost.            

Pictured: Some barrels and other items that have fallen off vehicles before.  Highways England reported that over 46,000 items were found on England’s motorways and major A roads over ten months

Pictured: A load that has fallen off the back of a lorry. Items that fall off vehicles can block roads for hours and are unsafe for people

Highways England warned people who are planning staycations in the UK during the summer to make sure their bikes and roof boxes are strapped to their vehicles securely. 

They reported that over 46,000 items were found on England’s motorways and major A roads over ten months. 

They said: ‘Highways England traffic officers in the region have dealt with everything from a ship’s mast and double-glazed door to windows and garden sheds. 

‘Apart from leaving the owners out of pocket and maybe without a tent for their camping trip, these items pose a big safety risk for other people on the road including the traffic officers who help clear them up. ‘

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