Lawmaker critical of Andrew Cuomo says hes been sent racist messages — and multiple copies of govs books

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One of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s most outspoken critics is finding out that if you mess with the three-term Democrat, bad things can happen.

Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) told The Post on Friday that he’s been bombarded with hateful emails and Facebook messages for repeatedly calling out Cuomo over his handling of nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kim, who is Asian, said he’s been called a “gook,” told he’s “rotten to the core,” and asked whether his “fixation” on Cuomo was affecting his marriage.

One writer even issued a veiled threat, saying, “If I were you I would repent. Make peace with the governor. Because time is short. You don’t want to make God angry.”

“The lord Jesus has his back. He will protect him…And his enemies will be scattered,” the writer added.

In a bizarre twist, Kim also said he’s even been sent more than a dozen of Cuomo’s books, including several of the governor’s recent coronavirus memoir that was were purchased new from Amazon and sent to him.

Kim said that situation led him to contact the NYPD and that the state Assembly will be installing security cameras outside his district office in Flushing next week.

“What are we supposed to do?” he said.

“I don’t have the state police guarding my house like the governor does.”

Kim — who has previously accused Cuomo of personally threatening to “destroy” him –blamed the governor for the harassment, saying, “I think he encourages that kind of culture.”

“It’s either get along or get killed. There’s only two speeds in that office,” Kim said.

Kim’s criticism of Cuomo includes blasting the governor for callously asking “who cares” whether people died of COVID-19 in nursing homes or hospitals during an infamous news conference in January.

“Who talks like that about older adults?” Kim said during a March memorial service in Brooklyn.

“A coward. One hundred percent, a coward. An abuser. Someone who abuses their power would say that.”

Kim — whose uncle died in a Queens nursing home after suffering “all the symptoms” of the coronavirus — also said he felt “gaslit” and stopped watching TV for six months after seeing Cuomo and his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, joke around amid the mounting nursing home death toll.

Kim has repeatedly called on Cuomo to either resign or be impeached over the nursing home scandal, as well as over the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Kim said Friday that “the online trolls have been pretty consistent for months, and every time I’ve made an appearance in the media I will immediately get trolled.

Kim said Friday that “the online trolls have been pretty consistent for months, and every time I’ve made an appearance in the media I will immediately get trolled.”

“But now they’ve taken it offline and they’ve sent these books to Albany and my office, to the point where the mail office in Albany notified us that they don’t want to accept these packages,” he said.

Kim also called it “disturbing that there are still people susceptible to Cuomo’s demagoguery and will go out of their way to target someone like me for doing my job, which has been to stick up for older adults and vulnerable constituents.”

He added, “I do not want to lower my voice but at some point, if I feel like my family and my staff are in an uncomfortable place, I may have to.”

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said, “Ron Kim has told many lies about this administration, but there should be zero tolerance for hate speech and racially motivated harassment.”

He added: “We’re not in contact with these individuals. Period.”

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