If Adele can be taken down by the woke mob then there’s no hope for any other celeb

THE real madness of the culture war gripping showbiz became all too clear this weekend with a victim no one would have predicted: Adele.

As a politically palatable British popstar, the Tottenham singer is used to near-universal praise from the liberal elite.

So how had she wronged the woke mob?

Come out and given full-throttled support to Donald Trump? Questioned the motives of the Extinction Rebellion extremists? Or admitted left-wing operative Lewis Goodall should be sacked from Newsnight by the BBC?

Nope, nothing of the sort! Not even close.

Adele had simply posted a picture celebrating London’s Notting Hill Carnival at a private house party in Los Angeles wearing a bikini adorned with the Jamaican flag and her hair in bantu knots, a style some folk apparently associate with slavery.

The caption on Instagram read, “Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London”, followed by emojis representing the Union Jack and Jamaican flag.

The carnival, with its roots in West Indian and hippie culture, has become a celebration for all of London, not one cultural group.

The point of the two-day singing, dancing, eating, drinking and smoking fest is to show that London is an ethnically-diverse melting pot where folk from all around the world come together to proudly declare they are Londoners.

I’m far too old for it these days, but when I first arrived in London as a youngster from New Zealand I used to love the spirit of the wild and inclusive street party.

Adele clearly felt the same and was attempting to pay tribute to the event, which has been postponed this year due to the pandemic.

But all too predictably, within hours, she started trending online, not for her strikingly thin figure, but rather being accused of cultural appropriation.

US journalist Ernest Owens started Adele’s online cancellation, writing: “If 2020 couldn't get any more bizarre, Adele is giving us Bantu knots and cultural appropriation that nobody asked for. This officially marks all of the top white women in pop as problematic. Hate to see it.”

Yup, Adele is now considered a “problematic” celebrity because she celebrated a multi-cultural festival in her city that she has always loved.

That sort of response, which was soon joined by abuse, trolling and accusations of racism, prompts so many questions.

What about Adele’s right to freedom of expression? Her desire as a woman to have any hairstyle she damn well chooses? Doesn’t all fashion and style borrow from cultures across the globe, anyway?

But here’s the real crux: If Adele can be taken down by the woke mob then there’s no hope for any other celebrity.

Every entertainment agent and PR in the world will currently be warning their high profile clients how “not to do an Adele”.

Proving it’s these types of senseless rows that will ensure stars in the future never share anything outside of their own cultural bounds.

How the hell does that increase tolerance and inclusion?

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