I was abducted by aliens who stole my eggs – and I have the ultrasound to prove it, woman ridiculously claims

A WOMAN has claimed she was abducted by aliens who stole her eggs – and says she has the ultrasound to prove it.

She claims that three of her eggs were "removed" by them for "hybrid babies".

Sheera Lumira Rejoice shared her memorable experience on TikTok and recalled how the aliens came to her house three years ago, allegedly in 2018.

In the viral clip, where a soundtrack plays with an overlay text that read: "When people don't believe you were taken by extra-terrestrial beings, but you have ovarian scarring from egg removal in the ultrasound to prove it."

She also wrote that she did not give permission to the aliens to have her eggs removed, adding: "For context, they took three of my eggs."

Her video left viewers baffled as they questioned if she remembered anything while being abducted.

Sheera then posted a series of "story time" and explained that it was one of the most memorable moments in her life.

She clarified that she wasn't taken to a mothership but the aliens visited her home.

"I was laying on my couch in my condo, falling asleep and suddenly feel this paralysis," she told her viewers.

"I was freezing and my body couldn't move. I looked over at the door and it opened, there's a figure, a holographic-looking human figure.

"It's essentially grey but with a black lining over it. When they took me, my body came over to where I'm sitting now, I was literally levitating and my legs were open."

Sheera didn't realise she "had her eggs removed" until later when she was working on a shaman for healing guidance.

She claimed: "This guy told me 'you have three hybrid babies, you have three of your eggs taken'. I initially had no idea of this until I met this man and my intuition trusted him.

"I became sober from every stimuli you can think of – drinking, smoking, taking caffeine. I started going out into nature a lot more, healing myself and my body.

"I ended up changing my entire name because of how drastic this change was for me due to this experience."

Viewers were divided and some were dubious about the whole "alien abduction" experience.

One said: "So it's literally just sleep paralysis. You're actually more prone to specially when you're sleeping on your back."

"That is sleep paralysis, it happens to me all the time," a second added. "It's common to hallucinate during them."

But a third added: "As 'far-fetched' as this may sound, who is to say it is not true? The universe is incredible and we know a very small amount."

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