Husband of wedding scammer, 44, who conned dozens of couples out of thousands begs for divorce after she vanished

THE husband of a wedding scammer who conned dozens of couples out of thousands of pounds has issued a desperate plea for her to sign their divorce papers.

Carl Twidale, 47, has been estranged from his "wicked and twisted" wife Dana for four years after she scammed brides, grooms, catering firms, ex-boyfriends and even her own husband.

Wedding planner Dana, 44, pleaded guilty to 26 counts of fraud on May 10 after being accused of tricking couples out of thousands of pounds before they tied the knot.

But Carl has heard "nothing back" from his attempts to get his estranged wife to sign the divorce papers.

"I've talked to my solicitor and sent letters out to her mum's, her boyfriend's house, her flat and I've had nothing back," he told Yorkshire Live.

"She doesn't seem to be signing it even though we've got no property, kids or money between us. There is nothing tying us together – just the last name.

"Maybe she is trying to get all this done under Twidale so she can then go back to her previous names.

"It's very frustrating and I don't want it to impact my future."


In a direct plea to his Dana, Carl said: "Let me go and just let it go.

"She has caused so much heartache to everybody and I would love to speak to her boyfriend to ask him why she hasn't signed the paperwork."

He added: "It has been really tough. I've lived my life in the darkness with no lights on and it has been tough.

"I've had threats and I've had to hide my car just in case but on the plus side I've had other victims say 'we know you had no involvement and we want to stay friends'."

Allegations about Dana's fraudulent activity emerged in the summer of 2019 before she disappeared without a trace.

There were sightings of her in Tenerife, and in Hull, where she was living when she was accused of fraud.

Carl hopes "justice will prevail" when Dana is sentenced at Hull Crown Court next month.

"I've seen what people have said and they will want her to get jail time," he said. "I don't have a bad bone in my body and if she does jail time, she does jail time – that is up to the judge and I'm not going to say she should go down for life or anything but hopefully justice will prevail.

"I'm looking forward to going to court and I want her to see that I'm not affected and not bothered anymore."


One couple, Nicky and Jason Thorpe from Harrogate, Leeds, were allegedly conned when Twidale apparently went missing 24 hours before their wedding last July, it was reported last year.

Thorpe told Leeds Live she paid Dana "well over £2,000" – but was heartbroken to find an empty marquee two days before her wedding.

Speaking two years ago when the allegations first came to light, Carl said: "It was numbing to read about all the scams and I can’t believe she has done this.

"When I first met her she was lovely, bubbly and you just wanted to be around her. Everybody would say the same but it seems that was all part of the act.

"There are no words. She is just wicked and it’s twisted – you can’t do the things she has done. It’s one thing scamming people but preying on their vulnerabilities is just wrong.

"I’ve started to question now if I ever really knew who she was. She was my wife but I just don’t know her anymore."

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "Following a lengthy police investigation Dana Twidale has been charged with 26 cases of fraud by false representation.

"These charges have been brought following a number of reports of between 2018 and 2019 that she had fraudulently taken money from people while offering wedding planning services.

"On Monday 10 May Dana Twidale pleaded guilty to all charges at Hull Magistrates Court and is due to be sentenced on Monday 7 June."

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