Heartstopping moment thug aimed sawn-off shotgun at cops and opened fire as they tried to arrest him – The Sun

A CRAZED carjacker fires a sawn-off shotgun from his window at armed cops below in shocking footage released by The Met.

The chilling footage captures the moment a policeman is faced with the double-barrelled blaster before he dives for cover.

Derrick Fatunbi, 23, fired at police again as they burst into his flat but he was arrested after elite officers shot him four times in the torso and legs.

Scotland Yard chose to release the footage today after Fatunbi was caged for life and ordered to serve at least 12 years over the gun attack and a carjacking.

Police said they identified Fatunbi as the man who carjacked a Range Rover on 18 March 2018.

He was identified at a flat in Clapton, Hackney and officers approached but Fatunbi drew the weapon and shot at the armed officer who was able to dive for cover just in time.

Gun cops then sought medical aid and Fatunbi continues to recover from his injuries, according to Scotland Yard.

No officers were injured in the attack and thug Fatunbi was found guilty of attempted murder of a cop, carjacking involving an armed robbery with a shotgun and other firearms offences.

Detective Superintendent Nick Thorburn said: "This is a hugely important sentence for the Metropolitan Police, especially for the armed officers within the Metropolitan.

The people of London will sleep safer knowing Derrick Fatunbi is off the streets.

"They showed the true professionalism that every day they are faced with incredible dangers and armed threats across London.

"They showed professionalism in the way they dealt with it and they showed compassion in saving a life after the event."

He added: "The people of London will sleep safer knowing Derrick Fatunbi is off the streets.

"This is a daily threat that firearm officers deal with across London and deal with very professionally.

"The firearm has been removed from the streets and Mr Fatunbi will no doubt face a very tough sentence.

"Firearms are a Metropolitan Police priority and remain so and we are taking a large number of firearms off the streets. It's a priority strategically."

Mr Thorburn added: "This footage proves firearm officers are human and battle real threats every day.

"Body worn footage is vital. Officers see it to protect them from unnecessary complaints. It's a living document that has proved what has happened.

"It's hard to say from the footage how close the officer was from suffering shrapnel injuries.

"The shotgun was fired at close range and there was a very real threat to their lives."

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