Grandmother who became addicted to painkillers died from overdose

Doting grandmother, 52, who became addicted to painkillers after a hip injury died from a crack and heroin overdose after descending into Class A use

  • Ann Marie Webster, 52, developed an addiction to painkillers owing to hip pains
  • She enrolled on a rehab course but met a drug dealer who gave her harder drugs
  • The grandmother died in Hull Royal Infirmary after overdosing on crack cocaine 

A hard-working and doting grandmother died of a drug overdose shortly after moving to Hull for help to kick her addiction to painkillers.

Ann Marie Webster, 52, took painkillers as she suffered from hip problems and severe period pain but became addicted to codeine.

Deciding to overcome the addiction she started a 13-week rehabilitation course in Hull, temporarily moving from her home in Keelby, Lincs.

During a meeting she met a drug user and was introduced to crack cocaine and heroin.

Ann Marie Webster, 52, moved to Hull for rehab for an addiction to drugs when she died

She died at Hull Royal Infirmary in November 2019.

Her sister, Samantha Collins, said: ‘Annie loved helping people.

‘She thrived in her job giving people advice and people would always say just give Annie a call. She was really close to her parents and to me. She loved family barbecues and going round to her parents for Sunday lunch.

‘She loved dogs and she had a French bulldog called Dave. Her former partner would bring her across at weekends and she loved that.

‘She was the clever one in our family and she went to university and got a degree. It was a very proud moment when she graduated. When she got a job at the advice centre she could not believe she had such a good job.

‘Annie had so much to live for. She adored her grandchildren. We had so many good times and it is such a shame it ended this way.

‘I will remember her as just being Annie and being such a lovely sister. She was a wonderful person.’

She moved to Hull for rehabilitation in July 2019 after enrolling on the ReNew programme.

Samantha said her sister did not seem right at all when she spoke to her in October that year.

She said: ‘I cannot believe what happened. She went to an agency for help for an over-the-counter medication addiction to using hard drugs intravenously.

The popular grandmother had only been in Hull four months when she died from a drug overdose

‘She had not been exposed to that lifestyle before and I never thought something like this would happen to her.’

Assistant coroner Ian Sprakes concluded her death was ‘drug-related’.

He said: ‘Ann was a very intelligent woman and she did a lot of things to help other people.

‘Unfortunately, she had physical problems which resulted in a reliance on pain killers which became an addiction.

‘This is an extremely sad case with the loss of a woman clearly bright and intelligent.

‘But she became embroiled in addiction and got involved with those who had no positive influence on her life. It is a sad and tragic loss.’

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