Ghislaine Maxwell's brother says she's a 'patsy' for Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother Ian says she’s a ‘patsy’ for Jeffrey Epstein and is being victimized by the US authorities because they ‘lost him on their watch’ when he killed himself in his jail cell

  • Ghislaine’s older brother Ian has spoken to ABC and The Times of London to defend her 
  • On Monday morning, he told Good Morning America that she is innocent and being ‘tortured’ in jail
  • He claims that she has become a scapegoat for Jeffrey Epstein because his not alive to take the blame 
  • Ian said his sister ‘wishes she never met him’ and that he ruined her life
  • She is in jail in Manhattan awaiting trial on multiple sex trafficking charges
  • Ian, one of her six siblings, also spoke of their father, the disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell who died in the 1990s
  • He had plundered the pension funds of the newspaper group he ran beforehand
  • Ian called him ‘extraordinarily well-connected’ but said nothing of his crimes 
  • He told the Times that Ghislaine believes their father was murdered  

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother spoke out in her defense on Monday, calling her a ‘patsy’ for Jeffrey Epstein and claiming she is now being scapegoated because the American authorities ‘lost’ Epstein when he killed himself in his jail cell. 

Maxwell’s older brother Ian, 64, appeared on Good Morning America after speaking to The Times of London in an interview over the weekend to protest his sister’s innocence. He is one of her six siblings.  

He claims she had her life ruined by Epstein, was not part of his criminal enterprise despite what multiple women say, and is taking the fall for it because someone needs to and Epstein is dead. 

‘She’s a patsy for Jeffrey Epstein who they lost on their watch and they are taking it out on my sister and dammit, that’s wrong,’ Ian Maxwell said. 

He also revealed a new photograph of his sister, taken in June 2019, a month before Epstein’s arrest.

It is one of the most recent photographs of her. Only one other – what appeared to be a staged photo at an In-N-Out Burger in L.A. – has surfaced in the last two years. 

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Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, in June 2019 with her six living siblings. Ian Maxwell, her older brother, top right, shared it this weekend. A month after it was taken, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and Ghislaine went into hiding with her husband, Scott Borgerson. The siblings, L-R, are: Anne, 73, Kevin, 62,  twins Isabel and Christine, 70, Philip, 71, and Ian, 64

Ghislaine Maxwell’s older brother Ian on Good Morning America on Monday speaking in her defense 

Ian said his younger sister is a ‘patsy’ for Jeffrey Epstein who killed himself in jail in 2019 

He added that his sister is the victim of a ‘media lynch mob’ and says she is being treated differently to other crime suspects, is ‘tortured’ in jail and cannot sleep. 

‘I’m not minimizing the seriousness of the allegations but my sister is fighting for her life… that’s pretty serious too,’ he said. 

He claimed that when Epstein killed himself in July 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, his sister had moved on with her life and was happily married to Scott Borgerson, the man she was found holed up with in New Hampshire last summer. 


1991: Ghislaine’s father Robert dies mysteriously after disappearing from his yacht, Lady Ghislaine, in the Canary Islands 

1990s: Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein start dating and become friends 

2001: After breaking up, Epstein and Maxwell remain friends and she has begun working for him. 

It was in 2001 that the trip to London where they met Prince Andrew took place. 

Virginia Giuffre Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew – he denies it 

2008: Epstein is convicted of soliciting child prostitutes in Palm Beach, Florida, gets a sweetheart deal and protects unnamed co-conspirators

2009: Epstein and Maxwell are sued by the first victims. He settles them quietly with payments  

2010: Epstein, after a year-long prison term which involved him leaving custody every day to go to work, is released 

He is photographed with Prince Andrew in Central Park days later 

2011: Virginia Giuffre Roberts goes public with her claims that she was a victim of Epstein and Maxwell  

2015: Giuffre Roberts sues Maxwell specifically for defamation 

2016: Ghislaine quietly marries tech CEO Scott Borgerson, 44 

June 2019: Ghislaine reunites with her family in London and tells them she’s married 

July 2019: Epstein is arrested in New York 

August 2019: Epstein kills himself in jail 

July 2020: Ghislaine is arrested in New Hampshire 

Ian says that she was not involved with Epstein by that point. 

‘Ghislaine was married, with stepchildren, getting on with her life and then bang.  She’s married, has a husband, two stepchildren. 

‘She was simply seeking to protect her family. She was not running from law enforcement.

‘Suddenly he dies and they’ve got this really serious problem… it seems to me inescapable that the authorities decided they had to do something about it,’ he said. 

Ghislaine managed to hide from public view for a year before the FBI arrested her in New Hampshire in an early morning raid. 

Since then, she has been in jail in Manhattan. Her attorneys have complained repeatedly about the conditions she has faced. 

On Monday, her brother said they amounted to ‘torture’. 

‘She’s lost 20lbs, she’s losing her hair, she can’t concentrate… she has a flashlight shone in her cell every 15 minutes during the night so she has no sleep of any real quality. 

‘That is torture,’ he said. 

He also spoke of their father, the disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell who died mysteriously during a yachting trip in the Canary Islands in the 1990s after pillaging the pension funds of The Mirror newspaper group, saying that he was an ‘extraordinarily well-connected man’.

‘My father was an extraordinarily well connected man. 

‘She had grown up in that world and was very able to move in it freely,’ he said, making no mention of their father’s crimes.  

In his interview with The Times, Ian said of his sister’s relationship with Epstein: ‘I know she wishes that she had never met him. He has ruined her life. 

‘The Ghislaine that we know has been buried in this caricature, this monstrous creature that has been invented as an abuser and a pimp.

‘Ghislaine is very charming. She has a very good sense of humor.’ 

Maxwell has had multiple attempts at bail turned down. She has agreed to renounce her British and French citizenship in an attempt to be released by the judge has rejected her efforts.

She remains behind bars. 

Ian, in a separate interview, said his sister was their father’s favorite. She is shown with their parents, the disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell – who died in the early 90s – and his wife Elisabeth who died in 2013 

Multiple women claim she procured them for Epstein when they were underage girls, and facilitated his pedophile ring by organizing travel for them or meetings with Epstein. 

She denies the charges. 

Her brother told The Times: ‘She did the house up or managed one or two of his properties.’ 

He added that Ghislaine believes firmly that her father was murdered on his boat – Lady Ghislaine – and said their childhood was difficult and filled with punishment. 

‘We were all physically punished, girls and boys; the girls were smacked and the boys belted, mostly for poor grades, laziness and lack of application at school. 

‘You didn’t want to be too close to home because it was quite tense. 

‘Meal times were always pretty tough. We had to stand up and account for what we’d done that day, that week, that year.’ 

He told how Ghislaine, the youngest, seemed to be their father’s favorite of the children and how the other kids were ‘stunned’ when he named his boat after her.

‘It was all a big mystery. Ghislaine was given this bottle, she crashed it against the side, the wrap fell off and there it was the Lady Ghislaine. 

‘She was stunned. We all were stunned,’ he said.   

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