Fordham, Princeton suspend in-person classes amid coronavirus outbreak

Fordham University announced Monday that it is “suspending face-to-face instruction” on its New York-area campuses amid the coronavirus outbreak — and Princeton University in New Jersey is taking similar action.

In a notice posted to Fordham’s website, university officials said that in-person classes scheduled for the remainder of Monday and Tuesday will not take place.

Beginning on Wednesday, faculty will teach their classes online.

The measures — which will be in place until further notice — come after an undergraduate commuter student “exhibited symptoms consistent with the coronavirus,” officials said.

“That student has been tested for the virus, and is self-isolating at home,” the statement said. “We will inform the campus community immediately if we learn that the lab result is positive for the COVID-19 virus.”

Two faculty members and three students may have also been exposed to the virus off campus, the statement said. All five are also staying home for 14 days “out of an abundance of caution.”

A parent of a prospective student who fell ill in a library on the Rose Hill campus was also tested for the bug, but the results came back negative.

There are no confirmed coronavirus cases at the school, officials said.

Meanwhile, Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber announced Monday that a “mandatory, temporary” move to virtual instruction will begin on March 23.

Eisgruber encouraged students at the New Jersey Ivy to stay home after spring break.

“While much remains unknown about COVID-19’s epidemiology and impact, our medical advisers tell us that we should proceed on the assumption that the virus will spread more broadly and eventually reach our campus,” the president wrote.

“They also tell us that the best time to put in place policies to slow the spread of the virus is now, before we begin to see cases on our campus, rather than later.”

No cases have been reported on Princeton’s campus.

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