Family of Kirsty Maxwell appeal for mystery witness to come forward

Family of Benidorm hotel balcony fall holidaymaker Kirsty Maxwell appeal for mystery woman who was in room to come forward as they call for case to re-investigated by Spanish police

  • Kirsty plunged to her death from the tenth floor of Benidorm apartment block
  • Her parents now believe a female English witness could prove pivotal to the case
  • The mystery woman was never formally interviewed by Spanish investigators 

The family of a woman who fell to her death from a hotel balcony in Benidorm have appealed for a mystery English woman who was at the scene to come forward.

Kirsty Maxwell’s parents Brian and Denise Curry said the witness could hold crucial information about the tragedy.

Kirsty died in mysterious circumstances in April 2017 while on a hen party weekend.

The 27-year-old, from Livingston, West Lothian, plunged from the tenth floor of the Apartamentos Payma, off the balcony of a room occupied by five British men.

A Spanish judge ruled that there was ‘no evidence’ the room’s occupants, a group of friends from Nottingham, were involved in the tragedy but Kirsty’s family have pressed for further investigations into what happened.

The family want to trace a woman who was in the apartment with the men at the time Kirsty died.

Kirsty Maxwell, 27 (pictured with her husband of six months Adam) from West Lothian in Scotland, was on a friend’s hen party in the Spanish resort of Benidorm on April 29, 2017, when she fell from a tenth-floor balcony

It is thought Kirsty entered the men’s apartment by accident around 8am on April 29 while looking for a friend who was staying on the same floor, moments before falling to her death. (Pictured: Kirsty and pals arriving back to the hotel on the morning she died) 

The apartment block from where Kirsty Maxwell fell to her death on April 29 2017. Maxwell fell from the ninth floor of the apartment block (pictured left and right)

The five men – including Callum Northridge (left) – maintained their innocence and said Mrs Maxwell fell by accident (pictured right, one of the men leaves court in 2017)

Five Britons staying in the apartment where she fell – including Joseph Graham (left) and Ricky Gammon (right) – were placed under investigation for murder, but the probe was dropped

She was never formally interviewed by Spanish police and was originally thought to be from overseas but it has since emerged she is English.

Mr Curry said: ‘Originally we were told by the police there was another girl with the men.

‘This girl should have been interviewed but the police said they weren’t sure who she was.

‘What we want to know is ‘Who is this girl?’. What does she know and why hasn’t she come forward and why were no statements taken from her?

‘She is a key witness as far as we’re concerned.

‘We want to keep this appeal going and maybe someone would know her or somebody who knows the men would know her. Maybe they could contact her and let her know that we are still appealing.

‘We just want her to come forward and tell us what she knows.’

He added: ‘We have been down so many dead ends but we are always looking for another avenue that we can go down.

Kirsty Maxwell, 27, (left) had recently married and was on a hen night when she died in Benidorm on April 29, 2017 after entering the wrong room in an apartment block and fell to her death 

A room in the Apartamentos Payma in Benidorm’s Little England similar to the one from which Maxwell fell to her death on April 29 2017

Kirsty Maxwell arrives in Benidorm with 19 friends for the hen do.

The group check into Payma Apartments at 9.15pm on Friday April 28.

They head out into Benidorm to celebrate. 

At 5.35am on Saturday April 29 Mrs Maxwell returned to her apartment with two friends.

At 6.50am she fell asleep in her hotel room and was filmed snoring.

At 7.51 am she fell to her death from a balcony in another hotel room on the tenth floor, occupied by five men.  

In the following days the men, dubbed the Benidorm Five, were all quizzed by police but were allowed to return to the UK. 

‘All we need is someone who can add a bit more substance to what we have already got.

‘We do have quite a lot of potential evidence but we need a bit more meat on the bones.

‘We just want to know what happened to Kirsty.’

Mr Curry was speaking on the podcast Swindle’s Search For The Truth which has been launched by former senior detective David Swindle in a bid to find answers on the death.

Kirsty, who got married to husband Adam only months before the tragedy, fell from the balcony less than 12 hours after arriving in Benidorm.

She had returned to her apartment on the ninth floor in the early hours and was filmed asleep shortly before 7am on the morning she died.

About an hour later, it is believed that she mistakenly entered an apartment on the floor above, which was occupied by the five British men.

Spanish judge Ana Isabel Garcia-Galbis ruled in September 2019 there was no proof that the death was a homicide or that the five men – Joseph Graham; Ricky Gammon; Anthony Holehouse; Callum Northridge; and Daniel Bailey who are all from the Nottingham area – could have been involved.

Mr and Mrs Curry’s legal team have claimed that the judge mistakenly made the amount of alcohol Mrs Maxwell drank the night before her death a defining factor in what happened to her. 

Five men – Joseph Graham; Ricky Gammon; Anthony Holehouse; Callum Northridge; and Daniel Bailey who are all from the Nottingham area – had been partying in the room at the time when Maxwell died. Pictured: Two of the men appear at earlier court hearing, wearing baseball caps and covering their faces

They have also highlighted her failure to sanction DNA tests on the men.

The couple have launched the Kirsty Maxwell Charity to offer emotional and financial support to grieving relatives of people who have died overseas.

They launched an appeal at a regional court but it was rejected in 2020.  

In their 10-page ruling, three judges based at Section Two of Alicante’s Provincial Court said: ‘Kirsty, affected by alcohol and after consuming the equivalent of 10 spirits the night before, appears to have left her apartment 9A and voluntarily entered 10E where the five men were.’

‘Nothing points to the contrary,’ they said.

‘Although it is true cocaine was found in the bathroom of apartment 10E and the dead woman’s fingerprints were discovered on an interior bathroom window, it has not been possible to obtain strong evidence of specific and individualised criminality in terms of the victim’s death in any of the five men investigated.’

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