Face masks ‘should be promoted like CONDOMS to help keep everyone safe from coronavirus’ – The Sun

FACE masks should become the new condoms and should be promoted as a way to keep coronavirus at bay, a leading scientist urges.

David O’Connor, who researches HIV and Covid-19, said a public health campaign should be launched to make people wear them just like contraceptives. 

Dr O’Connor, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told the New York Times: "If a substantial amount of transmission occurs before people feel sick, how do you stop that? 

"By the time people feel sick and seek care, all the testing and isolation in the world would be too little, too late."

But recent research had shifted his thinking about the current pandemic.

He said: "HIV is also spread while people feel fine… and consistent, correct condom use is a barrier to sexual virus transmission that works.

"Face masks are a barrier method that might also need to be worn consistently and correctly to prevent transmission of this virus."

School kids and sports fans will have to wear them once the lockdown is lifted, he added. 

The US is currently the coronavirus outbreak epicenter, with 709,202 cases and 37,135 deaths.

Globally 2.2million people have tested positive and nearly 157,000 have perished. 

As of Friday, it is compulsory in New York to wear face masks on public transport.

Walmart is now requiring all of its employees to wear face masks to protect both workers and customers — starting this Monday.

The retail giant announced on Friday: "We will begin requiring that associates wear masks or other face coverings at work."

Across the US, people have been encouraged to cover their faces as more than 706,000 people have tested positive for the coronavirus — more than 2.2 million globally.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration recommended that many Americans wear face coverings in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

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