Dominic Cummings received No10 pay rise of at least £40,000 this year

Dominic Cummings got a PAY RISE from £95k to £140k: Boris Johnson’s lockdown-flouting adviser had his pay boosted by at least £40k before he left No10 – as documents reveal PM’s army of SpAds cost taxpayer almost £10m

  • The Cabinet Office today published its annual report on special adviser pay 
  • Data shows Dominic Cummings saw pay increase by at least £40,000 this year
  • Also reveals the Government’s army of special advisers cost taxpayers £9.6m 

Dominic Cummings received a Number 10 pay rise of at least £40,000 this year as Boris Johnson’s army of Government special advisers cost taxpayers almost £10million. 

Mr Cummings, who is in the process of leaving the Government after losing a Downing Street power battle in November, was listed in the £95,000 to £99,000 salary band in 2019. 

But the latest figures published by the Cabinet Office revealed the PM’s now former chief adviser saw his pay jump to the £140,000 to £145,000 salary band in 2020.

The massive increase in salary came in a year in which Mr Cummings became embroiled in a huge public row over his 260-mile lockdown trip to Durham and amid major criticism of the Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said: ‘Cummings’ bumper bonus is an insult to key workers denied the pay rise they deserve. It’s another example of how under this government it is one rule for the Tory Party and their friends and another for the rest of us.’   

Dominic Cummings, pictured leaving Downing Street with a box on November 13, saw his pay increase by at least £40,000 this year

Boris Johnson’s Government has 102 special advisers, costing the taxpayer almost £10million in 2019/20

The annual report on special advisers also revealed that Mr Johnson now has eleven senior aides based in Number 10 who all earn at least £110,000. 

Among them is new press secretary Allegra Stratton who is listed as earning between £125,000 and £130,000. 

Sir Edward Lister, the PM’s chief strategic adviser, is listed as being paid between £140,000 and £145,000, the same as Mr Johnson’s policy chief Munira Mirza.

Government special advisers are classed as temporary civil servants who are appointed to provide political advice and assistance to ministers.

The Cabinet Office publishes details about the pay of special advisers every year. 

This year’s report, which deals with the period between April 2019 and March 2020, revealed there were 102 special advisers working across the Government as at March 31. 

However, that number has now increased, with 116 special advisers in Government jobs as at December 15.

The overall special adviser pay bill for the last financial year clocked in at £9.6million.

Some £6.9million of that cash went on salaries while £1.9million went on pension contributions and £800,000 went on National Insurance contributions.  

The overall bill is the same as what was spent on special adviser pay in the 2018/19 financial year.  

Mr Johnson’s press secretary, Allegra Stratton, is one of eleven senior No10 aides who is paid more than £110,000 

Special advisers are entitled to a severance payment when their minister loses their job.

Between April 2019 and March 2020 some £2.7million was paid out in severance payments. 

This figure has been attributed to the high level of staff turnover due to the change in administration following Mr Johnson’s victory in the Tory leadership contest last year.

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