Do you know flags better than Simon Cowell? Take our test to find out

FOR flag’s sake, Simon!

We revealed yesterday how Simon Cowell failed to recognise the English flag at Britain’s Got Talent auditions – and was rightly mocked by fellow judge David Walliams.

Simon, 62, mistook the St George’s Cross for the red and white cross of Switzerland.

But how well do you know the world’s flags? Find out with our quiz.Identify as many as you can in each increasingly difficult section (answers below) and tally up your total score.


EASY: 1. Australia; 2. France; 3. Canada; 4. USA; 5. Wales; 6. Italy; 7. Scotland; 8. England; 9. Switzerland; 10. Sweden.

MEDIUM: 1. Brazil; 2. Germany; 3. Ireland; 4. China; 5. Russia; 6. New Zealand; 7. Spain; 8. Netherlands; 9. Japan; 10. Portugal.

DIFFICULT: 1. Singapore; 2. Cameroon; 3. Kenya; 4. Uzbekistan; 5. Luxembourg; 6. Slovakia; 7. Mexico; 8. Argentina; 9. Moldova; 10. Malaysia.

WORLDLY WISE: 1. Vatican City; 2. Palau; 3. Greenland; 4. Djibouti; 5. St Vincent and the Grenadines; 6. Solomon Islands; 7. Liechtenstein; 8. Samoa; 9. Vanuatu; 10. Brunei.

Here is what your result says about you:

1-10: Homebody. You can blame lockdown and travel restrictions if you like, but there’s no excuse for such a poor score. Time to swot up on your flag knowledge.

11-18: Holidaymaker. We reckon most people could safely spot this number from their school geography lessons or holidays, so perhaps you need to broaden your horizons.

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19-27: Intrepid. You’ve probably impressed your team at a pub quiz by spotting some of the more difficult ones.

28-40: Congratulations, you are worldly wise. You are either an avid traveller, a flag geek or you’ve just watched a lot of Olympic opening ceremonies.

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