DMX jams to song about 'heartbreak' in tragic last video before heart attack 'brought on by drug overdose'

RAPPER and actor DMX was seen on video dancing along to The Jackson 5's Heartbreak Hotel just days before he landed in the hospital due to a reported drug overdose-induced heart attack.

In an Instagram posted by his fiance Desiree Lindstrom, DMX is seen driving while jamming out to The Jackson 5's This Place Hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel).

"I promised I would never ever be returnin'" is the lyric that plays just as DMX turns to the camera and nods his head.

Lindstrom, the mother of DMX's five-year-old son Exodus, then turns the camera to herself just as DMX is heard off-camera belting out the rest of the song's lyrics.

"He talking about record us rocking lol he too funny!!!" Lindstrom captioned the video, which she posted on Wednesday.

The song itself is quite tragic, depicting a lover leaving his partner for breaking his heart after she thought he had broken hers.

"As we walked into the room, there were faces, starin', glarin', tearin' through me," continues the song. "Someone said welcome to your doom"

The day before she posted the video, Lindstrom posted a photo of her and DMX, nee Earl Simmons, together dressed in all black.

"My fiancé! I love u…..," she captioned the photo, which has been commented on by thousands of supporters wishing their best for the legendary rapper.

"praying so hard" wrote one user with a series of hearts.

"We are praying harder than you could imagine. He’s gonna pull through," wrote another.

DMX fans weren't the only ones sending their well wishes to Lindstrom and the rapper – hundreds of celebs poured out their hearts to the New York star.

Travis Scott, missy Elliott, Chance The Rapper, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Mariah Carey have also wished the best for DMX, who is now spending his fourth day in the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

The rapper reportedly had to be revived three times due to the cardiac arrest, which doctors believe was triggered by an overdose.

He was reportedly left in a "vegetative state" and on life support at a White Plains Hospital in New York.

Due to Covid restrictions, only one of his 15 children can see him at a time.

A source close to the rapper said he was revived twice in his home and once at the hospital, but there seems to be little change in his condition.

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