Death toll from coronavirus in Italy jumps by almost 100 in a day

The number of people who have died with coronavirus in Italy has jumped by almost 100 people, from 366 yesterday to 463 today.

The total number of cases in Italy has gone up to 9,172 from 7,375 meaning the nation now has the largest amount of infected people outside of China.

This is a slower rate of increase than registered the day before.

The country’s Civil Protection Agency said that, of those originally infected, 724 had fully recovered, compared to 622 the day before.

Some 733 people were in intensive care against a previous 650.

It comes as the Italian government announced around 16 million people in the north would be quarantined in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus,

Six inmates have died in an Italian jail after riots broke out over visitation bans introduced amid the coronavirus lockdown, according to local reports.

The prisoners broke into the infirmary at a prison in Modena, near Bologna, during the chaos and overdosed on methadone, Italian officials confirmed.

Family visits have been restricted under an emergency law after the government placed 16 million residents under quarantine in the north of the country.

The move sparked revolt in a Modena prison by inmates who were angry they wouldn’t be able to see their loved ones.

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