De Blasio administration has issued zero tickets to maskless New Yorkers

The de Blasio administration has not issued any summonses to people refusing to wear masks — despite a statewide rule on the books for months and as parts of the city enter a second round of lockdowns, The Post has learned.

News of lack of enforcement comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly spar over how to handle flouting of the governor’s executive order.

The de Blasio administration has taken a light touch on enforcement — handing out 10,000 masks to people without face coverings and zero summonses — while Cuomo keeps calling for tougher enforcement with fines for offenders.

A spokesman for City Hall said the strategy was based on the MTA’s protocol, which is to first offer a mask to riders, then fine anyone who refuses to wear it. But the state-run MTA is the only agency thus far to ticket anyone for noncompliance — hitting just seven straphangers with $50 fines.

Cuomo has criticized New York City’s lax enforcement after news of several areas seeing a spike in COVID cases, saying people should be well educated on the mandate after months under the pandemic rules.

Another example of the hands-off approach unfolded in Borough Park on Tuesday evening when hundreds of Orthodox Jewish residents took to the streets.

During the unrest, during which many flouted the mask mandate, two photographers were assaulted while trying to document the event.

The NYPD issued no summonses and made no arrests.

City officials have also inspected over 5,000 businesses but issued just 68 summonses for violating coronavirus regulations and closed just two businesses.

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