Dad now accused of ‘stabbing daughter, 6, then himself after telling cops they were attacked by mugger’ – The Sun

A DAD who originally said he and his daughter were stabbed by muggers is now accused of carrying out the attack himself, according to police sources.

Jia Pan, 55, initially told New York cops muggers had stabbed himself and his six-year-old daughter on a Lower East Side street.

But now he has been charged with attempted manslaughter, reckless endangerment, assault and endangering the welfare of a minor, sources told the New York Post.

His daughter is currently in Bellevue Hospital recovering from surgery while Pan is in custody pending arraignment Thursday night.

In his original story he claimed two men had attacked them at around 12.30am Thursday near Monroe and Pike streets.

He said they stabbed his young daughter and made off with his jewelry and a credit card before escaping.

Pan may have been living in a homeless shelter on the Upper West Side, police said, according to NBC New York.


A version of this story first appeared in the New York Post.


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