Dad clashes with cops over refusal to move Just Stop Oil protesters

Moment furious father trying to take his autistic child to school clashes with cops refusing to move Just Stop Oil eco-zealots out of road – as Transit van man screams, ‘Go and do some work’

  • Just Stop Oil held yet another slow march throughout London this morning  

A furious father trying to take his autistic child to school clashed with police officers this morning as they refused to clear Just Stop Oil eco-zealots out of the road, while other enraged commuters told the protesters to ‘go and do some work’.

Members of the climate activist group slow marched once again through London this morning, at one point blocking both sides of the busy Marylebone Road with six demonstrators being arrested for refusing to move to the pavement.

In exclusive footage obtained by MailOnline the frustrated father is seen shouting at two police officers: ‘They are in the way by walking in the road. I’ve got an autistic kid in the back that I have got to get to school.’

When he was told by a police officer he ‘could overtake’ the climate warriors and that they ‘have the right to protest’, he responded incredulously: ‘I will get fined if I go through there. They are moving at two miles an hour.’

Just Stop Oil said this morning that 39 of its members will be marching on five major routes across the capital today, including demonstrations in Islington, Marylebone and the City of London.

A father of an autistic child was seen arguing with police officers this morning after they refuse to move Just Stop Oil protesters out of the road 

A photo showed one of the protesters sprawled across the man’s bonnet with arms flailing as he appears to clutch onto his placard

The furious father was surrounded by two protesters holding signs that read ‘Life or Suffering’ and ‘For My Children’

He was surrounded by two protesters holding signs that read  ‘Life or Suffering?’ and ‘For My Children’.

A photo showed one of the protesters sprawled across the man’s bonnet with arms flailing as he appears to clutch onto his placard.   

The father continued to argue with the two police officers before eventually manoeuvring his vehicle around the activists blocking the road.

In separate video a man driving a transit van past the protesters screams at them to ‘go and do some work’ while another swearing tradesman shouted ‘will you let these people go about their f*****g lives and pay their mortgages.’

Another tradesman who had jumped out of his vehicle as the protesters marched down Edgeware Road shouted ‘we have mortgages to pay’.

The angry commuter was then seen herding the activists onto the payment while shouting at them to ‘grow up’ and taking away their banners.

A pedestrian passing by shouted ‘we’ve got to get to f*****g work’ as the group held hands in orange vests outside Westminster Magistrates Court.

Other infuriated motorists, growing increasingly frustrated, were honking their horns while motorbikes and cyclists swerved around the group of around 13 protesters.

As the protest marched its way to Baker Street, more commuters became enraged with one man seen arguing with a Metropolitan Police officer at the scene, while other members of the force were seen handing back banners to the commuters.

Other footage showed tradesmen angrily shouting at the protesters on Marylebone  ‘will you let these people go about their f*****g lives and pay their mortgages’

Another man was seen trying to herd the protesters onto the pavement before taking away their banners 

The father was told by police officers that he ‘could overtake’ the Just Stop Oil activists blocking his path 

The father continued to argue with the two police officers before eventually manoeuvring his vehicle around the activists blocking the road

Another video showed the group of activists went on to blocking traffic on both sides of Marylebone Road on the A501, a main route getting in and out of the capital.

Met Police officers arrested six protesters at the scene after they refused to move out of the road when cops had issued Public Order Act (Section 12) notices.

One woman who was handcuffed by officers claimed she had been walking to get off the road when she was arrested.

She told them: ‘Let me tell you, we were on our way, I’d spoken to your inspector, he knew we were coming off the road, I was walking towards the pavement.’

New powers under the Public Order Act allows police to demand demonstrators to move onto the pavement and off busy roads.

Just Stop Oil said that orders were placed on four of the groups this morning, adding that those who were arrested were so ‘before they could even leave the road’. 

The Metropolitan Police said that the campaigners had remained in the road after the orders were issued. 

The eco-zealots have been holding a series of disruptive slow marches across the capital since April 24.

The group is urging the UK Government to cease all new projects involving oil, gas and coal. 

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This morning three groups of slow marching protesters headed across London, including Shaftsbury Avenue and Islington.  

Yesterday, police officers were seen handcuffing a furious motorist who had pushed two Just Stop Oil protesters on Blackfriars Bridge as they stopped him and his colleague from getting to work in their van.

The irate workman got out of his vehicle during rush hour after around 45 protesters walked slowly along the bridge blocking traffic in the process, with simultaneous demonstrations taking place at London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

He had been caught on video ripping banners from the activists’ hands before pushing them to the ground.

Officers from the Met are then seen intervening and putting him in handcuffs.

The man’s actions drew support from fellow commuters stuck in traffic because of the demonstrators, with some shouting ‘give the guy a break’ as he wrestled with the two officers.

The Met, however, defended the actions of the cops involved saying that the man – who was not arrested – was handcuffed to ‘prevent further Breach of the Peace’.

The workman’s furious reaction comes just days after another motorist was seen pushing a Just Stop Oil protester to the ground when another demonstration took place.

An angry commuter attempts to throw a Just Stop Oil activist off the road as they cross Blackfriars Bridge

Just Stop Oil said ‘tensions have been high’ as one man tried to throw a supporter onto the ground and was later arrested

The protest descended into chaos when an angry commuter took matters into his own hands – and police swooped in and detained him

Video captured the moment on Tuesday morning when a man got out of a waste management van to confront the protesters as they continued their daily demonstrations in London.

The vans horn could be heard beeping in the background while the man tore banners away from the eco-zealots, before he pushed two of them to the ground.

At this point two police officers, who are escorting the group, then intervene and grapple with the member of the public, who is handcuffed against the side of the van. During the struggle, the officer says: ‘You are f*****g assaulting people’.

The van’s driver shouts at the officers to ‘get off my truck’ while a passing taxi driver shouts out of his window that it is ‘absolutely disgusting’.

Just Stop Oil said in a statement following the incident: ‘Tensions have been high this morning as the marches cause major delays for commuters.

Just Stop Oil activists slow marching in London Bridge on Tuesday morning

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‘One man threw a supporter on to the ground and was subsequently arrested on Blackfriars Bridge.

‘A motorcyclist attempted to drive through the same procession, before police intervened.

Another person, who cannot be seen on camera, tells the officers to ‘give the guy a break, he’s just trying to get to work.

‘Elsewhere there were a number of altercations as members of the public snatched banners and confronted Just Stop Oil supporters.’ 

In a statement released yesterday afternoon, a senior officer from the Met defended the actions of the cops involved.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said: ‘I completely understand the frustration and anger of London’s communities when protesters walk slowly in the roads and must wonder why we do not just arrest them.

‘Police have legal obligations connected with our response to protest and we must police peaceful protest in a proportionate manner.

‘Any interventions must be necessary and in discharge of a policing power and balance the rights of the protesters against the rights of the wider public.’

On the workman who was arrested he added: ‘This morning’s incident on Blackfriars Bridge, in which a member of the public assaulted two protesters, was unacceptable and we will deal with anyone who behaves in this way.

‘Officers on scene responded proportionately. They detained the man in handcuffs to prevent further Breach of the Peace. They took his details, will review evidence and interview the male – who was not arrested – with a view to further police action as necessary.’

The Home Secretary Suella Braverman has vowed to stop ‘seflish, disruptive protesters’ from ‘wreaking havoc in people’s everyday lives’.

Earlier this month police were handed new powers to intervene against ‘highly disruptive’ slow marching tactics used by groups such as Just Stop Oil.

This means officers have the power to to force protesters out of the road and on to the pavement.

The legislation addition is part of the controversial Public Order Act, which gives police powers to break up disruptive protests.

Protesters who ‘lock on’, or obstruct infrastructure such as airports and railways have been criminalised by the new law, which came into effect just days before the King’s Coronation.

The Metropolitan Police have previously urged members of the public not to take matters into their own hands when dealing with protesters.

It comes amid growing frustration and anger at the climate activists’ tactics, with slow marches causing gridlock in the capital.

MailOnline has contacted the Metropolitan police for comment on today’s protests.  

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