Cuomo hits out at ‘lying’ government after Trump meeting and urges president to ‘do the right thing’ – The Sun

NEW York Gov Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday pleaded with President Donald Trump to "do the right thing," just hours after they met at the White House.

The two were said to be talking about infrastructure projects, and the economic and medical impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to reporters from Washington, DC, Cuomo said: "The right thing is a calibration of your principle, and your belief, and your soul and your heart and your spirit."

"We do the right thing in this country, not because the law says 'do the right thing' — but because we believe in doing the right thing."

Cuomo questioned why the government "can't" do this.

"Why can't the Congress reflect the right thing, principle that Americans live their life by?" he asked. "Pass a piece of legislation that is honorable and decent and does that right thing for all Americans — why is that so hard?"

He didn't explicitly say how his meeting with Trump went, but he noted that coronavirus is a "national crisis" that's not just red and blue and affecting certain political parties.

"It's red, white, and blue," Cuomo said. "It's the United States. And we're going to act that way. In New York, we say that by saying 'New York Tough,' but it's 'America Tough.'"

"Which is smart, and united, and disciplined and loving — that's what makes America 'America.'"

Cuomo said "no one" is elected to office "to engage in partisan politics," and said politicians need to stop playing politics and "do what's right."

"Don't play your politics at the expense of the citizens you represent," he said that the press conference.

The governor said there's no concept of "good government" anymore, and that "it's all politics" — which he said "is poison."

He said it's clear there are political differences between him and Trump, saying it's unnecessary for him to say it considering "you can Google and find 400 nasty tweets about me."

"But now is not the time for our differences. I have no political agenda," he said. "I was in Washington for eight years. I understand the good, bad, ugly politics."

Cuomo touched on a topic he addressed earlier this month after Trump claimed coronavirus "bailouts" of Democratic states are unfair to Republicans.

“It’s not a blue state issue. Every state has coronavirus cases. This is not any mismanagement by the states.”

His remarks came after Trump said that states run by Democrats shouldn’t depend on bailouts from the federal government.

“It’s not fair to the Republicans because all the states that need help — they’re run by Democrats in every case,” Trump said.

“Florida is doing phenomenal, Texas is doing phenomenal, the Midwest is, you know, fantastic — very little debt.”

Trump added: “You look at Illinois, you look at New York, look at California, you know, those three, there’s tremendous debt there, and many others.”

“I don’t think the Republicans want to be in a position where they bail out states that are, that have been mismanaged over a long period of time.”

In recent weeks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he sees “no good reason” why laws shouldn’t be changed to allow states to declare bankruptcy instead of getting money from the federal government.

Cuomo called the suggestion “the most un-American, most uncharitable, ugly statement of all time.”

The governor noted that New York “puts more money in the federal pot” than it gets back in funding.

He said New York pays $29billion more in federal taxes than it receives, while California pays roughly $6billion more than it gets back.

Meanwhile, Cuomo said, Republican-led states like Kentucky get back $37billion more than it pays and Florida gets back $30billion more than it sends to the government.

On Wednesday, he said such questions from Republicans, like "Why should we give New York, California more money?" is a "lie."

"They know that they take more money," he said. "McConnell has his hand out in the Senate and he receives more money for his state than he put in."

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