‘Cult mom’ Lori Vallow’s husband ‘wanted to build white camps in rural Arizona’ – The Sun

'CULT mom' Lori Vallow and her doomsday husband discussed building "white camps" in rural Arizona.

Chad Daybell and Vallow, 46, emailed each other months before the disappearance of her kids Joshua "JJ" Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, listing their "goals," reports say.

Sources told Fox 10 Vallow was a big fan of Daybell's apocalyptic books predicting the end of the world while she was still married to her now deceased husband, Charles Vallow.

The 62-year-old uncovered their disturbing digital trail before he was shot dead in July by Vallow's brother, Alex Cox – who then died of unknown causes in December.

One of Daybell and Vallow's online emails had the subject line "Seven missions to accomplish together" and mentioned these mysterious "white camps," according to FOX.

Vallow and Daybell also reportedly discussed the Church of Firstborn presidency and how to establish food distribution when the "tribulations" begin, the station reported.

The "cult" mom and her newfound lover also reportedly chatted about ordaining individuals to translation and giving righteous members of their group supplies in the email.

It is unclear what these camps mean but Daybell's former associate Julie Rowe told the station he conducted "small gatherings" in people's houses in Idaho and Utah.


Daybell was Rowe's former publisher but she told FOX she began distancing herself from him due to his bizarre beliefs and because he was feeding Vallow false information.

"He thinks that he has some kind of priesthood authority or sealing power that has been given to him to perform ordinances that one day will be on the Earth but are not now," she said.

"He has no business messing with any of this,” Rowe added. Family members had accused the pair of being in a "cult" after Tylee and JJ vanished.

It has since emerged that Vallow talks to spirits and stockpiles food and supplies in preparation for the apocalypse, according to a member of her religious group.

The group member told AzFamily that Vallow and Daybell are true Mormons who are part of an organization called "Preparing a People."


The Latter Day Saints organization ousted the couple after they were connected to a slew of mysterious deaths and the kids' disappearance.

Although Vallow was extradited to Idaho on charges relating to her kids' disappearance, Daybell hasn't been charged.

In a June 29, 2019 email obtained by The Sun, Charles claimed he found Vallow's disturbing correspondance and said they were "up to something."

He said Daybell had stayed with them before their two children vanished and claimed Vallow asked Daybell to ghostwrite a book Charles wasn't actually writing.

Vallow's alleged email to her new husband – acquired by Fox 10 – referenced the non-existent book and also indicated Daybell stayed with them during a "Preparing A People Conference."

Cops are investigating the authenticity of the email after Tylee and JJ went missing in Idaho back in September.


"I'm not sure if [sic] the relationship with her and Chad Daybell but they are up to something," wrote Charles in an email, with the subject line "Chad Letter from Lori."

"She created an email alias for me as I've never set this one up. She sent this yesterday and I guess she forgot all her emails are on the computer at my house.

"I asked her to explain it and she started blaming you, Brandon and me for perpetuating a scheme against her. Just more of her paranoia."

Charles goes on to say that he was going to send Vallow's alleged email to Daybell's wife, Tammy – four months before she also died in suspicious circumstances.

Daybell married Vallow just two weeks after his wife was found dead in their home before cashing in on his dead wife's $430,000 life insurance policy.

Following her dramatic extradition from Hawaii, Vallow is in a jail cell after an Idaho judge lowered her bail bond from $5 million to $1 million on Friday.

Authorities are still looking for her two missing kids who vanished six months ago.

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