Cringe-worthy moment woman uses the bathroom during video conference at home – The Sun

A WOMAN was left red-faced after accidentally filming herself on the toilet during a video conference.

The video was released on Saturday showing 11 people on a group conference call.

In the footage a woman, labelled as Jennifer Miles on the Zoom chat, can be seen walking around her house before entering her bathroom.

The video chat then continues as 'Jennifer' sits down on the toilet and goes to the bathroom, in front of her colleagues.

Within seconds, she realises her technical error and faces her laptop away from the toilet.

Having already seen what was going on, the other 10 members of the chat all erupt into laughter with second hand embarrassment for their fellow worker.

'Jennifer' then quickly exists the group chat, leaving the other members in fits of laughter.

The video emerged whilst others who are working from home took to social media to share their fails.

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