Couple accidentally ordered 2,000 toilet rolls and makes them into throne as virus panic buying hits Australia – The Sun

A COUPLE who accidentally bought too much toilet roll have built a throne with their spoils, calling themselves ‘royalty’ as coronavirus panic buying hits.

Chris Janetzki, 35, and Haidee Janetzki, 33, accidentally spent $3,260 (around £1,600) on 2,306 rolls last month – and now they are glad they did.

Haidee has been crowned the 'Queen of toilet paper' after accidentally ordering 48 boxes instead of 48 rolls to their home at Toowomba in Queensland's Darling Downs.

At the time, they were laughed at by friends but now they couldn't be more pleased.

Speaking during a live stream on Facebook, Chris said: "The jokes on you Australia. While you were all out there scrambling for toilet paper all through the supermarkets- knifing each other getting into fights and carrying on.


"We are flying high. We are sitting pretty, we are loaded with toilet paper. In fact we think we are royalty now, check out our throne for our toilet paper Queen."

It is estimated that the supply could last them 12 years, but the family are using the demand for product to raise funds for their daughter's school.

Haidee said: “We were shocked of course, but it was such a ridiculous product to have so much of. It’s a 12-year supply at our current rate of usage.

“The wall came out of a need to make the boxes take up as little space as possible so we could fit the car back in the garage.

“The throne was because in the current toilet paper shortage we have a mountain of it as if we’re royalty.

“People can’t believe we did such a stupid thing. People can’t believe we didn’t notice the credit card charge, now that there’s a shortage people can’t believe it was a genuine mistake.

“The company offered to take them back and refund us but we had already started to sell it.”


It comes as people around the world stockpile toilet rolls and other essentials.

Supermarkets warned today they wouldn't be able to cope with deliveries for people self-isolating against the coronavirus.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the government was working closely with retailers so those self-isolating could get essential supplies.

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