Coronavirus mayhem as 1,000s of cruise passengers shove and threaten each other when vessel is ‘marooned’ off Mexico

FOOTAGE shows scenes of total chaos breaking out on a cruise ship gripped by a terrifying coronavirus scare.

Thousands of passengers were ‘marooned’ on the MSC Meraviglia after it was refused permission to dock for three days on its tour of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

And when it was finally allowed to berth in Mexico, officials refused to let the 4,500 passengers on board leave – creating “sheer mayhem,” one holidaymaker said.

Panicked passengers were filmed fighting, shoving, pushing, making threats and swearing at each other.

One British passenger told The Sun: “It’s sheer mayhem here. It’s a very shocking situation.

“We can’t leave the ship, we’ve been on here for days now and we don’t know what the future is. We could be here for ages.

“People are angry. It’s chaos and mayhem. It’s like Animal Farm – people are really rebelling against the authorities on the ship.

“At around 6pm (on Thursday)people started fighting. They looked British and Italian passengers involved.

"They were fighting among themselves but also getting very upset with people on reception. There’s quite a few.

“It’s fighting, pushing, shoving, confrontations, threats, swearing and a lot of anger. We’re terrified. The atmosphere is terrible.”

The hold-up was caused after a crew member from the Philippines fell ill. The cruise line claimed the illness was down to seasonal flu.

MSC have said today they are “extremely disappointed” with the double rejection from Jamaica and the Caymans.

It added the MSC Meraviglia has been given "a clean bill of health" by Mexican health officials following medical checks on a crew member and a young female guest who both had common seasonal flu.

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman, MSC Cruises, said: "The Mexican authorities followed the correct maritime protocols whereby a ship in advance provides medical records of any passenger or crew member who is or has been unwell to the next port she visits.”

MSC added: "The results were tested at a Mexican Ministry of Public Health laboratory in the city of Chetumal and determined that the condition of both the crew member and guest was in no way whatsoever associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus."

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